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What Not To Wear: Morocco Edition

Ladies, listen up. You’re about to get a lesson that’ll make your trip ten times more enjoyable and comfortable. Traveling to a new country almost always means a change in culture. 657 more words


Arabian Night - Dubai Desert Safari

An adrenaline rush feeling! 

A trip full of entertainment and extreme adventure! A must do experience while being in Dubai! 131 more words


Alone in thoughts,
Tied by knots;
Accepting the loss,
In the nights with stars;
My soul through the ink
I travelled in a place,
Where other people think, 24 more words


Osaka week - Thursday

I have spent the past few days doing all these outdoor activities, despite the cold weather. And today I just continued with the trend hahaha… 451 more words


Exploring Tamil Culture & History: Madurai

Most of us know Tamil as a language. We know Tamil Nadu as a state in India. But if you ask a native of the land, they’ll tell you that  1,495 more words


Mallorca: More than Magaluf

The Spanish island of Mallorca is a highly popular tourist destination, particularly for British and German travellers, and the cold, dark weather has got me dreaming of being back on the beach, sipping sangria and exploring miles of stunning coastline. 531 more words

happy holidays!

Our first Thanksgiving together very nearly caused some family strife. S’s parents had invited us to spend the extended weekend with them shortly after we had started dating – many months before the actual holiday – and when D’s mom got wind of the plan, she laid on a massive guilt trip, accusing D of sabotaging her favorite family holiday over “some girl he barely knew.” We wound up doing two Thanksgivings to mollify her, flying from Chicago to Connecticut and then driving to Maine, making sure to spend equal amounts of time with both families. 221 more words