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We're going on a shark hunt

Day 70 of The Big Adventure.
Sam came over and woke me up in the morning and we went over to find that Tod still wasn’t home from last night. 362 more words

Local things to eat | Nice

A while ago, I had the pleasure of having my sister in town visiting me and we went out to discover more of what the Niçoise cuisine had to offer. 83 more words


Dorayaki: Japanese Pancakes with Sweet Red Bean Paste

Within days of starting work at the school here in Japan, it was common knowledge among the teachers that I’m crazy about Japanese sweets. It’s so hard to get a hold of them back in Vancouver that while I’m in Japan, I pretty much live off them! 128 more words


packing/ gifts for our hosts + long term flight - arriving in LA

Hello folks! How are you today?

Let’s start with another blogpost about my trip to the US.

So the day before we flew to the US I started packing. 630 more words


Waterfalls in Kosovo

As I’ve mentioned many times before, Kosovo possesses a lot of natural beauty. (Have I convinced you to come visit yet??)

As the weather has gotten nicer my host family has taken me on a few memorable outings to see some of their favorite sites and to learn about the culture of Kosovo. 467 more words

Peace Corps