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What are You Dreaming About?

Sitting with one of the residents today, he asked me”what are you dreaming about?” My first reply was “are you asking about what I dreamt last night, or my dreams of the future?” He told me to answer either, and because I didn’t remember my dream from last night, I told him “I hope to do good in the world.” In which he told me, “I think you are doing good in the world.” 236 more words


Fast-flowing water in North Wales

We went to Betws-y-Coed last weekend and had a great time, even though it was very wet and windy. Spotted this on one of our walks. 10 more words

Prepping for Holiday Travel

I love Christmas!  With the joy and excitement of the holidays, it’s easy to overlook a couple of things in the logistics.  Here are five tips to make sure you dot all your “i”s and cross all your “t”s before heading out the door this holiday season. 500 more words

Travel Tip

Countdown to Coming Home

My second child, Joshua, has been living in Asia since early 2007.  Between his two younger brothers keeping us super busy, the distance, time difference and travel expense we haven’t seen him quite as much as we would like. 249 more words


Numbers 22, 7, and 43

Xi’an, China, Terracotta army, Pit 2, 2014.


Pope majored in Climatology at the Seminary

For years The Tom has been trying to get the college transcripts for the World’s Smartest Man (WSM) Barack O’TomA from Occidental College and for the Pope from the Seminary. 90 more words

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