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Tatebayashi Tezutsu Fireworks

こんにちは! Last night Katie and I went to see Tatebayashi’s tezutsu hanabi, or hand-held fireworks. It’s an annual event held every July in a large empty field right next to Tatebayashi City Hall. 461 more words


Want to Order Our New Magazine? (Accepting Orders Now & Available to Anyone!)

From the Founder & CEO:

First of all, I just want to give a huge thanks to all of you out there who are our readers, writers, users, followers, subscribers, and writers out there! 217 more words



I woke up to a beautiful morning today.

The sky looked satisfyingly cloudy and the air smelled of fresh, dew-bathed grass. The day seemed perfect for a long drive and that is exactly what we did; hastily gulped down our breakfast and geared up for the road trip. 626 more words


10 Travel Tips to Make You the World’s Savviest Traveler

This weekend we are joined by a new guest blogger named Susan Taylor. She is a freelance writer with a passion for learning. Currently she writes for  504 more words


Northern Most

Six AM. I finally got what felt like a full night’s sleep which for me is about six or so hours. I left Julie sleeping hard and I am hoping my showering and dressing didn’t wake her up. 1,233 more words

Dead-ends in Zambia

Like that funny game at a fairground, where the mole pops up out of a hole and you have to bash it down with a hammer, so were our ideas for Zambia: up they popped, only to be beaten down by the hammer of circumstance. 4,501 more words


Zumba in the Rain 

I had the pleasure of attending a lovely garden festival yesterday. Music, poetry, cakes, etc

….oh and Zumba

The started warm and sunny but as the afternoon moved on it became quite chilly and then the zumba started. 48 more words