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Wyoming Stakes Its Luxurious Claim

We chat with the man behind Saratoga’s newly crowned Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star, Magee Homestead.

Source: Forbes.


Concrete Jungle pt2

Quickly you capture the Instagram pic and then look for the perfect soundtrack for this very moment.

nothing seems to fit.

you let the songs play on until you hear the violin sounds fly. 156 more words


5 amazing yoga retreats to try out in 2018

How amazing would it be to enjoy a relaxing and luxury holiday without having to sacrifice your yoga practice? Well, the great news is that you can! 66 more words


Magellan Strait (Drive day 237: Feb 21st, 2004)

At last we reach the body of water separating most of Argentina from the Southern tip. We will cross on a ferry far more substantial than the last one we subjected ourselves too in Bolivia. 177 more words


Three under three? Goodbye fancy car, hello box on wheels

Remember The Other Half’s reaction to the news of twins? “We’re going to need a bigger car”.

Typical male thought, I’d say. And a totally reasonable one at that, if not slightly devoid of emotion, but I’ll let him have that one. 797 more words

Days 23-25 - Vang Vieng: Tuk-Tuk, Tubing, and a Toe

Hello again! Congratulations if you are still keeping up with us! It feels like we’ve been gone for ages and then to see its only been 25 days is a bit shocking! 1,848 more words


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The Jordan Trail is a trek through history via ancient villages and wild wadis.

A trek through history via ancient villages and wild wadis, the Jordan Trail is a tour de force in diversity.

17 more words