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The Real Power Steering

I found this very deadbeat steering wheel in a cab at Tankè a major town in Ilorin City, Kwara State. I wasn’t surprised to see the wheel but I was thrilled when I found out that the key in the ignition was entirely for fancy. 47 more words


WFLBC Goes To New Zealand - A Mirrorless Adventure

As most of you know I’m off to New Zealand in November. As a photography enthusiast I’ve been having a hard time deciding what kind of gear I want to bring along. 359 more words


my first book

So…I wrote a book.

I told myself that it wouldn’t feel real until I was holding it in my hands…but now I’ve held it (and showed it off) a bunch, but I still can’t quite believe it. 203 more words


Our Car Breaks Down In Cincinnati

So yesterday was crazy to say the least. I couldn’t just write what happened cause I’m honestly still processing it.
So here is the video of Teagan and I telling the story of what all happened yesterday. 119 more words

Paris Our Way

It wasn’t my first time in Paris and I certainly hope not my last but, it was definitely the most memorable all thanks to this guy! 279 more words


Going through changes

After graduating college (whoa), and going on a week long road trip to Tennessee with my boyfriend, I landed an internship at a small daily newspaper owned by a huge company. 680 more words

Life Lessons

HK Just a Bit Outside Update

Time to update that good ol’ Hell’s Kitchen Survival Guide once again, the bread and butter of this blog.  Well, not from the financial standpoint as I haven’t made a dime yet (I made 8 cents so far total, so almost there).  111 more words