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Smoky Blue Mountains

After our night out in Sydney, we sleep in while the family gets up early and goes to Sydney for another day at the festival. John and I want to see more of the mountains and we’ve had enough of the trek up and down the mountain. 1,476 more words


One Week Away!!!

D-7 until I leave for South Africa!


√ vaccination 

√ insurance update 

√ go pro  131 more words



Grand Canyon rim. In the morning when it’s quiet it is a great place to be.


Bresteche Castle

Bresteche private castle that is an Hotel and restaurant. France


A voyage over expectations

She ignored all of her instincts and left.

With the tenuous promise of opportunity, inspiration and change, accompanied by the assurance of personal growth, she sailed across an ocean and established herself in an unfamiliar city. 131 more words


Review Famous state park in india

information detail

Famous state park in india – The walking path in the park would have been very nice if with family. Moreover, the park is the simplest means of entertainment that can be done to refresh the mind from the daily routine. 569 more words