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Munich: A Short Visit to Dachau Concentration Camp and Memorial Site

Hello Friends,

A new year had come and gone again and with a new year brings a fresh start. Like most of us, the holidays swept me away and kept me busy for the last couple months. 1,998 more words


Road to the TT: 130 days to go.

Okay so Ill start by saying, anyone that knows me, knows one of the things I really get enthusiastic about as well as the obvious travel is motorbikes. 508 more words


Coolest Martini bar ever

I’m a girl who loves her martinis or used to since I don’t drink much anymore (33 and only getting older!) Anyway when I heard of this awesome martini bar in Savannah I knew when we went that we had to go. 114 more words

Date Night

The Adventures of Tarus

Tarus is a good friend who is a turbine technician and per my request, sends pictures from locations he’s been to. This is going to be a on going post. Enjoy!

Galveston Island in January

Galveston, Texas in January is beautiful, sometimes foggy, rainy and there are a lot less tourists. This year in January it has been obnoxiously foggy, but it does make for some eerie pictures. 84 more words


Travel Pics Theme: U for Undulations. Great Wall of China

This week’s theme is U – for Undulations.

I’ve taken a fairly liberal interpretation of that to mean hills, and valleys .. and so we start with the mountainous country around Beijing, in China. 236 more words


(Re)visiting the Magic of Berlin

Hallo! So this post is a bit different as it’s written by one of my best friends, Grace. I will get round to sharing my own Berlin story, but for now, as she has travelled twice with me to Berlin, I’d like to offer her thoughts about the magical city. 1,369 more words

What To Do