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Travel - Phi Phi Islands, Thailand pt. 2

The next stop was an alcove barely sheltered from the current and pull of the ocean only yards away. In order to reach, what our guide assured to be the best spot to snorkel in all of the islands, I had to swim through a heavy current of ocean and make my way to calmer waters. 373 more words


The Advantages of Traveling Alone (3 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Ferry Van Oossanen

-Contributor, Travel Writer, Founder & Owner of Discoverchiapas

I know that there is many people out there that regularly think about taking a long trip far away. 688 more words


Do what you love...

I rocked today. I have just a warm, solid sense of well-being. I’m so hungry and at the same time, I just want to close my eyes and fall into soft sleep on my back and watch the ceiling fade out to black. 171 more words


Destination: Gdańsk, Poland


After two, pleasant nights in Warsaw, I was heading off to Gdańsk, a city located way up in the north of Poland, right along the Baltic Sea. 1,671 more words


Mechanics will Tell You Anything

“The only thing wrong with this car, is the loose nut behind the wheel” solemly said my long term friend and mechanic, Rodney. Bless ‘im.