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Paris: Day two - the 5th arrondissement

We headed towards the Panteon in search of some breakfast and didn’t have to walk too far and had the “petit dejeuner classique” for €6.80 each which consisted of a coffee, freshly squeezed juice and a croissant. 874 more words


Gangneung Trip: South Korea 2016

September 29, 2016

This was my 4th trip to South Korea and yes, I am not getting tired of going back to this beautiful country. 291 more words



That’s pigs trotters for lunch 🐷

Yes you read that right and no, they didn’t pass my lips.

For 6 months now, lunch time has been a lottery. 625 more words


What I ate in Sydney!!Zia Pina..the pizza was okay........

So here’s the story. Many many years ago I was suppose to eat at this restaurant called Zia Pina. Unfortunately I was not able to eat at this restaurant because my shitty body decided to be sick. 202 more words


Hello! Let's Travel to Indonesia

Hello people around the world!

I’m here to give you guys information and (maybe) guide during your holiday in Indonesia so you can have a wonderful and safe holiday in Indonesia! 13 more words