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The Top 5 things to do in Quebec City

The other weekend I got the chance to escape the mild Toronto weather and venture out into cold and snowy Quebec City. The last time I had been to Quebec was way back when I was a little kid so it was like discovering the city all over again. 507 more words

Quebec City

Quick day hike - Day 14 

Today was my day off at the hostel. Went for a hike to the Zavitan waterfall and made lunch there. It was absolutely magnificent!

I’m going to take a notebook next time and relax there and write. 41 more words


This hand accompanied me on my flight to Bali. 

Rounds of Ramen

With “Ramen Museum” scribbled on my list of explorations, I pictured it to be a history lesson plastered among glass cases of traditional ramen related artifacts. 229 more words



Hôm soạn đồ đi Đà Lạt, có mỗi cuốn sách mà cứ bỏ ra bỏ vào chục lần, thì thật tình thấy đem nó theo thì chật nhưng mà không đem nó theo thì thấy thiếu, nhỡ muốn đọc thì sao. 181 more words