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Sight seeing – What to do and what to see in Bath

Hello, hello, hello.

Gosh those of you who are still reading must be thinking what is she up to? (Well not a lot…) I am still ridiculously behind but I have yet to give up. 908 more words


The Redwoods

The forest floor is sparsely illuminated as light filters through the canopy. 117 more words


Bac Son Valle in Vietnam looks splendid on foreign travel site

A website specializing in travel, When On Earth, praises Vietnam’s Bac Son Valley as a ‘green paradise on earth’.

Bac Son Valley is situated 160km south of Hanoi, and is an ideal place for agriculture. 402 more words


Picture of the Day: This Ship Rocks

Photograph via dejavont on reddit

Reddit user dejavont recently shared this photo that his mom took of a rock that looks eerily similar to a ship. 54 more words


Historical Homes

As the owner of two famous historical homes, Charleston is a prime spot for all you history lovers. You can escape through time and explore artifacts and family heirlooms at the Nathaniel Russell House Museum and at the Aiken-Rhett House Museum. 366 more words

Mark DeWitt

Epcot Food and Wine - Part 3

Last weekend we ended up back at Epcot for our second trip to the Food & Wine Festival.  We braved some rainy Florida weather to try some of the fabulous new offerings. 608 more words


Adobe's New Digital Tool for Removing Tourists From Your Photos – Skift

The problem with being a tourist is that by the time you’ve reached your sightseeing destination, every other tourist is there too. Not exactly great for vacation photos. 27 more words