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per le strade: secret places IV

Angels. They can be sweet, they can be spooky. Look. Here’s one over there. Watching over you or warding someone from you? Who can tell? All I know for sure is that this is my city of angels… 12 more words



Has anyone been watching Wild Ireland? Colin Stafford-Johnson’s trip up the west coast of Ireland in a currach was an enthralling masterpiece- and it resonated particularly closely as I was still going through pictures from our brief trip to Connemara at the beginning of March. 262 more words

Eklutna Hiking.

Hike 11/52. There is something awesome about being on a frozen lake. It can be slightly terrifying. I felt confident that we wouldn’t fall through the ice, but then you see a big crack running the length of the lake and your mind starts to think, “what if?”We headed out down the middle of the lake with the wind in our faces. 108 more words


Visuals: Saigon & Jakarta

Don’t really feel like writing out an entire blog entry right now so I’ll let the photos from my trips to Hô Chí Minh City a.k.a. 13 more words

Koh Samui

The major reason why people come to Samui is to enjoy the beaches. Even though the two main beaches of Chaweng and Lamai have generally suffered due to mass development over the past decade, they are still relatively impressive. 42 more words


Schloss Stolzenfels

Located just outside of Koblenz, Germany, is the Stolzenfels Castle. We had taken the train from Frankfurt to Koblenz, so we had to take a taxi to get to the grounds of the castle, but it was one of the sights that we wanted to see while we were in Koblenz. 446 more words