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MCQs for DHA / Haad / MOH / Saudi Licensing Exam

Patient with retrosternal chest pain, barium swallow show corkscrew appearance:

a. Achalasia
b. Esophagitis
d. Diffuse esophageal spasm

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Saudi air strikes hit medical center in Yemen

From PressTV News, Apr 2015

It’s the twenty-fifth day of relentless Saudi airstrikes on Yemen. One of the latest attacks has hit a medical center in Sirwah district of the Ma’rib governorate. Reports say the airstrike…

Time: 04:53

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Navy has seven combat ships around Yemen as Saudi-led blockade continues

From Washington Post, by Dan Lamothe, Apr 2015

The U.S. Navy has seven combat ships in the waters around Yemen as the Saudi-led bombing campaign there continues, but U.S. 361 more words

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How Washington Adds to Yemen’s Nightmare

Fro Consortium News, by Jonathan Marshall, April 2015

Exclusive: Tangled in corrupt old alliances, such as with the Saudi monarchy, the Obama administration has now joined a war in Yemen that pits some of the region’s most anti-democratic forces and Al-Qaeda against a home-grown rebel movement with limited backing from Iran, as Jonathan Marshall describes. 1,183 more words

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Insurers’ fears grow over Yemen

From IHS Maritime 360, by Jon Guy, Apr 2015

Marine insurers are increasingly concerned over the growing tensions in Yemen and the Saudi-led blockade of the country’s… 213 more words

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