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Saudi Arabia, Egypt May Lead Ground Operation In Yemen


Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes in Yemen on Wednesday as part of a military offensive against Houthi rebels in the country, states Slate. A ground invasion could follow, states MSNBC. 93 more words


Analysis: Yemen air strikes

Mahjoob Zweiri, a professor of Middle East history at Qatar University, comments on the military intervention in Yemen.


Yemen - Hypocrisy in Action?

As regular visitors to this site will know, I haven’t been posting all that regularly of late.  Quite frankly, I’m too busy with my research at the moment to invest the time and energy in regular posting at the moment. 444 more words

International Politics

Religion-based geopolitics boosting gold price again

Gold rose overnight through the $1200 psychological barrier as Saudi jets bombed Yemeni rebels.  Julian Phillips’ latest appraisal of what is driving the global gold and silver markets. 429 more words

Independent Analyis

My IELTS Result - Band 8.5

Here’s an update on my much awaited IELTS result.

IELTS results are published on their website here, usually 2 weeks after the test date. Important thing to note here is that, the results will be available only for a short period of time, like a month, on their website. 295 more words

British Council

Saudi Arabia bersama sekutu menyerang Yaman

Arab Saudi melancarkan serangan udara terhadap pemberontak Huthi di Yaman, Kamis (26/3/2015. Serangan tersebut merupakan bagian dari operasi koalisi regional untuk menyelamatkan pemerintah Yaman, kata Duta Besar Arab Saudi untuk Amerika Serikat, Adel al-Jubeir. 369 more words