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Looking For Doors..

It was by accident that I stumbled upon ” The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge “.

I never new it existed !! Anyway I decided to give it a shot.

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Saudi brothers smuggled explosives into Kuwait in a cool box

Two brothers arrested in Saudi Arabia had transported the explosives used in the suicide bombing of a Shiite mosque in Kuwait, the interior ministry said Tuesday.

What is Putin up to this time?

What is Putin up to this time?

The names of Russian president and a Saudi Prince are two names which usually won’t show up in the same sentence. 469 more words


Timelapse Mania......

Hooked after my first timelapse !

Did another one today. It’s titled  ” Ice Melt “.

Saudi Prince to donate $32bn fortune to charity

Many of you may have seen this BBC news headline this week, and read the tear-jerking story of the benevolent Saudi multi-billionaire and women’s rights campaigner Prince Alwaleed bin Talal giving away his entire fortune to charity. 1,071 more words


Why the Islamic State Must Provoke a Civil War In Saudi Arabia

The thing about the Persian Gulf is how little you ever know what the hell is going on.  You hear rumors; somebody whispers that everyone you know is going to be fired, another whispers back that everyone is going to get a raise, and then nothing happens.  2,668 more words

Saudi Arabia

Saudi-led strikes in Yemen hit party headquarters of Houthi ally Saleh

Saudi-led air raids pounded the Sanaa headquarters of Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s General People’s Congress party late on Sunday, killing and wounding several people, witnesses and a party official said. 302 more words