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Autopsies to be conducted to rule out foul play in reported suicides of 2 Filipino maids in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia

Manila: The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said today autopsies will be conducted to rule out foul play in the reported suicides of two Filipino household service workers in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. 298 more words


FFF - Camel Beauty Competition Cheaters!

Each year in Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz runs an annual Camel Festival, a celebration and showcase of everything camel, featuring 30,000 camels over an entire month! 140 more words


FIFA World Cup 2018: Suarez guided Uruguay into the 100th match, won Saudi Arabia out of the match

In the first half, the match was seen between the two teams, but in the second half, Uruguay’s team managed to keep Saudi Arabia completely behind. 449 more words


FIFA World Cup 2018: Saudi Arabia will now face Uruguay with strong defense

Coach Antonio Juan Pijiji’s Saudi Arab team will be on the field against Uruguay in the second group match of the FIFA World Cup, to keep their defenses strong. 364 more words

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“She’s crazy, especially when she gets mad.” One student said to another as I walked past them heading to class. I instantly knew that I was the object of their gossip, but I didn’t scold her for fear of confirming what she wrongly assumed about my sanity. 986 more words

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Random women at a community iftar

Had the opportunity to have a ‘community Iftar’ yesterday which turned out to be a much more interesting encounter than I had anticipated. I sat with a friend I have only recently been acquainted with, a vivacious French woman who has recently moved to Dubai after almost two decades of work experience across multiple sectors in Europe, with both of us munching at an interesting menu that was supposed to be a Japanese-Arab fusion. 1,043 more words