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Saudi prince wants to save Plaza Hotel from a messy legal scandal

The Fifth Avenue hotel, both the setting for children’s series “Eloise” as well as Donald Trump’s second wedding, has fallen into disrepair amid its owner’s legal troubles, the Post reports. 7 more words


The Art of the Steal: Trump's "deal" with the Saudis

It looks like President “Art of the Deal” Trump got hornswoggled by the Saudis.  He agreed to sell them $110 billion of advanced weapons in return for – wait for it – nothing.  572 more words

Trump Trip Marks First Time a President Has Sought Forgiveness from God Using All Three Monotheistic Religions

Trump, who always hedges his bets, has decided to seek forgiveness from all the major western religions.

“I have faith, that I can guarantee a tremendous amount of forgiveness from the all-tremendous, all wise-guy, all-wealthy, God,” Trump said. 185 more words

EXCLUSIVE – Rand Paul: Saudi Arabia’s Role in Backing Terrorism Raises Concerns with $100 Billion Arms Deal

Last year, Congress overwhelmingly passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) to allow the family members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for any part it played in those acts of terrorism. 8 more words

Saudi Arabia Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Yemen

A cholera outbreak has killed 315 people in Yemen since the end of April, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Sunday.
The infectious disease continues to spread across the war-torn country with roughly 30,000 suspected cases reported in 19 of Yemen’s 22 provinces, the UN health agency reported. 33 more words


"Wait 'til the fire turns green!"

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And this is how Trump, his Saudi and Egyptian bubbas fire up a center for fighting terrorism.

Either that or the grand opening of a new Hardee’s in Pismo Beach.