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Saudi Arabia Press Fingers U.S. Gov’t for WTC 911 Attack! - Covert Geopolitics

The shit is now hitting the fan. After the US Senate approved the bill allowing 911 victims to sue the House of Saud for 911 terror, the latter released to media an article pointing instead to the US government as the one behind the planning and execution of the WTC 911 false flag attack in […]

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The 'black swan event' that could send oil to $25 a barrel


Oil’s had a pretty good year.

The commodity’s seen a nice rally in light of a weaker US dollar, stronger economic data from… 320 more words

Money Matters

Saudi Tornado fighter jets join Turkey war games

The Saudi Arabian air force has dispatched a number of its Tornado warplanes to multinational aerial war games underway in Turkey.

The fighters flew to the Konya Air Base in the southern Turkish city of Konya on Tuesday to join the so-called Anatolian Eagle maneuvers. 186 more words

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Penjaga Perbatasan Saudi Tewas, Tiga Luka-luka Dalam Ledakan Ranjau

Anshar Al Islam – Seorang penjaga perbatasan Saudi tewas dan tiga lainnya terluka oleh ranjau darat yang meledak saat berpatroli di sepanjang perbatasan dengan Yaman, Senin, kantor berita negara SPA melaporkan mengutip seorang juru bicara kementerian dalam negeri. 104 more words


An Argentum Post Response to the Washington Post's Article By Former Senator Bob Graham: "It 's Time We Release the Uncensored Truth About 9/11"

As  subscriber of The Washington Post, this writer of the Argentum Post commended the Washington Post for its publication of former Senator Bob Graham’s article ,  “It’s Time We … 358 more words


Kunefe: Dessert Perfection

Kunefe, Kanafe, Middle Eastern Cheese Cake; Whatever you call it, it is dessert perfection.

Working during my college career as a tutor for international students from around the world has taught me two important things. 698 more words


No Sex Please I'm Texting

A Saudi whose bride made him vexed/

Divorced her as too undersexed./

Alone in their room,/

Ignoring the groom,/

She said she had people to text… 37 more words