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McDonald's sells Singapore, Malaysian franchise to Saudi group


SINGAPORE: McDonald’s Corp said on Friday (Dec 2) it had sold the franchise rights for its restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia to Saudi Arabia’s Lionhorn Pte Ltd as part of a plan to move away from direct ownership in Asia. 153 more words

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Living Inside the Extreme

Oppression leads to creating extremists! But extremism seems to me as a sign of a naive mindset. The world isn’t so cut and dry, so black and white that you need to be violent to prevent others from having their own opinions on the subject. 488 more words


NU ikut-ikutan MENGKRITIK SAUDI ARABIA, pantaskah…?

Pojok NU17 Dzul Hijjah 1436

Kita tentu masih ingat Muktamar NU ke-33 beberapa waktu lalu di Jombang. Ya sebuah muktamar yang diwarnai dengan kericuhan, keributan, bahkan saling memukul antar peserta muktamar. 694 more words

A Mystery Continued

Now is a time to take a break after writing the exasperating and laborious exams. It feels so relieved when one does not have to study all day and night for the exams. 717 more words


Remnants of the old city