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I started my journey helping our brothers, Blind Teachers of “ElNour & ElAml Charity” for the Blind in Mansoura.
I started with two male teachers, Mr. 114 more words

Welcome to My Mentoring WORLD

Dear Visitor,

You are welcome to my page which displays my Mentoring Journey.

Our Mission is to help whoever teaches English and/or subjects in English e.g. 71 more words

Say Hello sa Buto!

Alam mo ba hindi lang ordinaryong relo ang nasa larawan?

Isa itong relo na celpon.Gawa ito ng Smart Telecommunication, isang uri ng kalakang pang komunikasyon.Tinatayang ang Smart Telecommunication ang unang nakagawa at nagisapubliko nito. 138 more words


Understanding the opposite sex

As a child, teen, young adult, adult, elder, skeleton, angel and so on, the opposite sex will always be a mystery. At a young age we question and cry why the boys pushed you over and never let you joined in. 402 more words


Geography and CLIL: through English to understanding of the world – or through understanding of the world, English?

Most teachers of English are now familiar with the terms CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Instruction) or CBT (Content-Based Teaching). This session will argue for Geography as an ideal area for integrating language learning, content, and cultural competencies with teachers of students from the upper primary grades to the beginning of university in mind. 259 more words


Pre-Service English Teacher EPIC Camp 2017 -Deadline November 15, 2016

What is Pre-Service English Teacher EPIC Camp?

This camp is for selected talented 4th year university students who will be future teacher of English. In an engaging, interactive format with expert teachers and American professionals, selected participants will explore innovative teaching approaches and practice using effective English teaching tools. 278 more words