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It’s funny how
Some people have come this far
But they let money
Expose their real identity

It’s funny how
People work with no morals… 104 more words


The Leaf Wind Blew Away

Most leaves bow down
to worship Fall –
changing their skin
for her delight –
but I’m the leaf
wind blew away
far from the ground… 49 more words


Songs that Fall

How absentmindedly,
I move between
the redbrick house and grapevine tangled fence.
The tiger lilies gently
reach for me
and paw along a slender path. 57 more words


Faraway fantasy

The winds blow the meadows at the field

As the love sprinkled  from a seed

The lullaby of your sweet charming voice lull me into serenity. 191 more words


View from the outside

It is with heavy heart and lightweight eyes
I forward this message of my despise
A torrent of feelings.that can’t be damned
Of feeling so little in a world do grand… 68 more words


through you

when i first met you,
i didn’t see you but rather saw through you;
you were background, a name, a face; a place i didn’t call home; 63 more words


Poetry Splash

Today I present you with an activity I like to do with my students in grades 12 and 13. I do this within the frame of International Baccalaureate English B but it can be used for many age groups to spark creativity and genius. 226 more words