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I Do Not Care About That But I Do Care About You

“Sight loss has meant insight gains. . . . I don’t know what society’s perfection looks like as I have never been able to properly see. 21 more words

Personal Musings

A good book to read

I have recently finished reading Yuval Noah Harari’s book “Sapiens: A brief History of Humankind”. While I was reading, I found it hard for me to stop till late night as I was so indulgent in absobing so much information from it, which only happened when I came across a really good book. 54 more words

The Day I Forgot I Was Sick

It was the kind of warm evening you look forward to after such a long winter. Days of rain left the air sticky enough to remind you summer was right around the corner, but cool enough to let you know it’s still spring. 907 more words

Find Vanquish Studio in the 1000 Aisle!

It’s hard to believe but Vanquish Studio will be making a 6th appearance at the Phoenix Comic Fest. Yup, we’ve been showing our art since 2013. 35 more words

Personal Musings

19. Roop Kumar Rathod

I don’t know about you, but I always thought Roop Kumar Rathod was always a rather underrated singer.

Here are two less heard gems, perfect for a relaxing Saturday evening: 166 more words


The Story of a Birthday

This week, our daughter celebrated her 12th birthday.  Now, we have always done birthdays big in our house.  There has rarely been a year when the kids didn’t have a huge party to celebrate their day.  1,039 more words

This & That

#SaveLucifer #PickupLucifer

Rant about a recently cancelled show: Lucifer

I don’t usually get involved in trying to save a TV show. Honest. I’ve been pretty upset over some cancellations over the years (Firefly, The Dresden Chronicles, Reaper and many more) but hey, it’s TV. 268 more words

Personal Musings