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Pablo Tellechea, a friend of New Charter University and the United Mexican Federation of Utah, did a great interview with Elizabeth Smart and her father, Ed Smart.   83 more words

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Gerald Warner: Brexit ‘negotiations’ are a nonsense: we just need to say goodbye politely

Enjoyable piece from Gerald Warner

It is time to stop using the misleading term “Brexit negotiations”. Britain’s exit from the European Union is not subject to negotiation: it has been determined by the British people, the sole legitimate authority on this issue. 268 more words


Boycott Divestment and Sanctions -No to Normal Relations with the Apartheid State-

On the last Saturday of every month a number of activists including members of People Before Profit Cork join up with the Cork Palestine Solidarity Campaign… 1,693 more words

The Unspoken Reason Why Marijuana is Illegal


Weed has been used by people of this land for ages.  Nixon created a war on drugs to incarcerate black people at an alarming rate, and it worked.  1,155 more words

Social Talk

New Charter University is joining efforts of the United Mexican Federation of Utah to bring education and employment to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity… 73 more words

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How To Save Europe From A Future War - Really!

It is well known that Europe is in turmoil ever since Anglea Merkel of Germany opened the borders to any and all immigrants. Since that time crime has steadily risen in Germany, and all carried out by Muslims. 132 more words


Wise words...

In a period where much of the left, many so called radicals and sadly, some people who think they’re anarchists but aren’t really, are succumbing to the cult of Jeremy Corbyn and defending his leadership of the Labour party, the sentiment expressed above is needed more than ever. 457 more words