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Break Free shows the potential for people powered campaigns

I felt a little ball of excitement in my belly  this month watching’s fortnight of action unfold. The Guardian reported Break Free as the largest ever global civil disobedience with protests happening in multiple countries including  the UK, US, Australia, South Africa and Indonesia. 533 more words

Climate Change

Those Ships They Sail In The Morning

Those ships they sail in the morning
Laden and rigged they wait
For the sun and the new day
To be dawning
The journey to freedom… 177 more words

Original Words

A recycled U.S. colony?

Is the Philippines today turning into an American colony once again?  What prompts that question has to do with two main issues. One is the fact that the Philippine government has offered the Americans the use of five strategic sites to guard against China’s further encroachments, possibly also to keep a peripheral eye out for Islamic terrorism. 708 more words

Cameron loses more public trust following #ProjectFear psy-ops

David Cameron’s #projectfear uses a well know psychological technique called loss aversion. Wiki:

In economics and decision theory, loss aversion refers to people’s tendency to strongly prefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains.

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Solar System Dynamics

@BrexitTheMovie goes online despite censorship efforts

The full version of Brexit The Movie is now available on Vimeo. Google took it down from Youtube citing copyright infringement. Establishment forces are still trying to prevent the truth about the EU getting out there. 123 more words

Solar System Dynamics

Comix Creatrix: Telling ‘Her-story’ Through Comics

I recently stepped into the wonderous world of graphic novels and comics at Comix Creatrix –  an  exhibit that is running till the 15th of May 2016 at the House of Illustration in London. 640 more words

People Power

Get ready for Brexit The Movie: The Premiere

Excitement is building for the premiere of Brexit The Movie tomorrow. The red-carpet event is taking place at Leicester Square Odeon in London – the most prestigious location in the country for such an event. 140 more words