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First Day Out for Medway TUSC

A few people have said I should write a bit more personal stuff on my blog, so here we go! It has to be said that I am not a natural writer in fact I was in remedial English for a couple of years when I was at school but I will do my best as I always have :) 442 more words


Greg Watson visits Cuba

After visiting Cuba in 2014, as part of a delegation, a report was written by Greg Watson, former Massachusetts Commissioner of Agriculture and now Director of Policy and Systems Design for… 422 more words


Sejarah Digerakkan oleh Massa atau People Power

Pidato Bung Karno di Semarang, 29 Juli 1956

“Mereka mengerti bahwa kita – atau mereka – jikalau ingin menjadi satu bangsa yang besar, ingin menjadi bangsa yang mempunyai kehendak untuk bekerja, perlu pula mempunyai “imagination”: “imagination” hebat, saudara-saudara!!!” 909 more words

Kronik Dunia

EDSA Forgotten

EDSA, that long stretch of a highway from Pasay to Caloocan formerly known as Highway 54 has long been the bane of drivers. To drive through it is to contend with a maddening mix of buses, jeepneys, trucks of all shapes and sizes, a swarm of motorcycles whose riders think they are immortals, and the occasional fool of a pedestrian streaking across with reckless abandon. 486 more words

Inspiration Campaign

If you could send any message to the world what would it be? Would you send words of love, equality, kindness or respect? Now, for moment think about the messages you receive from media on a daily basis. 109 more words


Press Release Following Meeting in Kilkenny

Press Release 31/03/15

Adrienne Wallace by-election candidate for People Before Profit held a public meeting in Kilkenny on Monday 30th March where she gave an introduction to herself and her party’s policies before opening the floor to discuss issues affecting the Kilkenny people.

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