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A statement of teaching philosophy changes Business Model was created in 2010 to be a resource for hotel owners and professionals as they sought to improve market share, occupancy, operational efficiency and profitability. 929 more words

Imperial War Museum: People Power: Fighting for Peace

Towards the end of May, I happened to find myself with my partner, Jeremy in London for the day. Both of us are museum professionals and so what else would we do on our day off but go to a museum? 632 more words

Imperial War Museum

All Police Armed Police? No way - a demonstration

Tomorrow (12th July 17) the National Police Chiefs Council will meet to discuss giving guns to all frontline police.

Armed police units carry MP5 submachine guns, though the proposal suggests handguns for frontline police. 716 more words


The Best way to maintain Oppression is to "oppress" ourselves

This is a good article reflecting how oppressed people perpetuate their own dis-empowerment by not owning the process of our liberation. Freedom lies in “people action” at the community level and then communities joining together. 54 more words

Community Action

5 Reasons Why I Am No Longer An Apologetic Vegan

Meat eaters force their agendas on me

It’s hard to find what I’d consider a ‘safe place’. Meat, for me, is not food. It is dismembered limbs, removed from an animal, cooked and left on your plate. 727 more words


Philippine President Duterte threatens to jail martial law critics

Agence France-Presse / 02:34 PM July 02, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to jail critics of his use of martial law in the violence-wracked south, days before the Supreme Court is set to rule on its legality this week. 397 more words