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Rejecting Violent Political Tactics Is a Moral Choice

Reprint of my article first published in Berkeleyside, on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Next week, right wing extremists plan another invasion of Berkeley, with some of their most notorious mouthpieces—Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, among others— 1,413 more words


Bluebird drawn today by me Gloria Poole ,RN,artist of/in Missouri ;Copyright

I, gloriapoole / Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri/artist/author/cartoonist/illustrator/writer/blogger/tweeter/citizen-journo/republican/personhood promoter/photographer/publisher/white/Christian/twice-divorced/single-again/woman-mother of 2 grown daughters drew this last nite after midnite. I also signed it, photographed it,uploaded it,and posted it to this blog of mine on 20th Sept 2017 at 6:20am. 854 more words


Perlukah Indonesia Menjadi Negara Maju?

Istilah negara maju sudah tidak asing ditelinga masyarakat secara umum tapi apasih negara maju itu? Dari beberapa literatur yang saya temukan di google, sebenarnya tidak dapat menjawab sesuai dengan apa yang saya inginkan. 688 more words


Why vegans should support the feminism movement 

Incredibly early into my life as a vegan, I made the connection between veganism and feminism. In fact, during the first week of following a vegan lifestyle, I was listening to a radio show on BBC 2 where callers discussed if you could truly be a feminist if you continued to consume products which rely on the objectification of female sex organs. 325 more words

My birthday wish

Every little bit of me is excited and full of cheer not because everything is going my way but because I have life and oh what joy that brings me, especially today!  764 more words

40 Days Over 40 Smiles..

Power in People, Not Heroes

In this episode we welcome back Teron to talk about, what many call, a failed superhero movie. We dive into Robert Townsend’s “The Meteor Man” and pull out how this movie was ahead of its time as it was empowering, not only for communities of color, but for every community who’s ever needed to know what it means to “come together”. 423 more words

Blog Post

Doing it for ourselves (because no one else will!)

A short while back, we posted up this piece on the problems experienced by residents on the ¾ estate in Vange, which is on the southern fringes of Basildon: … 189 more words