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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I want to feel connected. I want you to feel connected. And I believe that well connected humans can change the world. 303 more words

Putting The World To Rights

Hotel Common Sense - Philosophy #2


Hotel Common Sense –  Philosophy #2

Or, why the Open Door policy no longer works…

Anyone who is familiar with my full-length columns or shorter blogs knows that I  am a fan of Tom Peters.  722 more words

Dr. John Hogan

JOIN US 6/11/15: ‘Climate, Justice, Paris’ Public meeting with Asad Rehman and Paul Routledge, Brian Jackson Centre

We’re just two months away from the beginning of the Paris UN Climate Talks. What will they achieve and what are the consequences of failure for the world’s poor? 283 more words


The World Needed Today

Thank you Pope Francis for saying the words that most of us in this world have been starving to hear for so long. By way of your pragmatic address to the world from a U.N. 228 more words


Answer The Damn Question!

Almost every time I see or hear a politician in an interview, I can be heard screaming “Answer the damn question!”  Same goes for business leaders, bureaucrats, CEO’s, media ‘personalities’, company spokespersons, and all the other time-wasters and obfuscators who refuse to participate in any variety of ‘plain talking’. 837 more words


English People Power forces the UK Parliament to debate Halting Immigration - 200k

English People Power forces the UK Parliament to debate Halting Immigration

The UK Parliament petition demanding that all immigration into England is halted (heavily backed by English Democrats activists) is approaching 200,000 signatures. 52 more words

Election Campaign

Why the Government is so wrong on renewable energy

Apart from the blindingly obvious, the Conservative Government’s concerted attack on the renewables industry, now they are free from the restraining influence of the… 228 more words

Paul Rainger