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Elite merchants of #Brexit doom expose their own pre #EUref lies

Post referendum analysis from Rodney Atkinson at

One of the most obnoxious features of the post Brexit climate is that the biggest liars and doom mongers in political history – the Remain campaigners – now accuse Leave Campaigners of lying! 1,199 more words

Solar System Dynamics

Meet Larry Ballard

This month, meet Larry Ballard, a New Charter University student in the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program!

Larry has a great job with a construction company based out of Memphis, TN. 160 more words

Study Smarter Strategies

Successful businesses focus on what they do better than anyone else.

Let me share one of the things NEW CHARTER UNIVERSITY does better than anyone else! 186 more words

Study Smarter Strategies

Tullock vindicated by how the Romanian revolution succeeded

The obituaries today for Victor Stanculescu, the Romanian army chief at the time of the 1989 revolution, vindicated Gordon Tullock’s view that popular revolutions are in fact military coups. 544 more words

Applied Price Theory

Sharing lessons from people power

I’ve just finished a project with Greenpeace New Zealand (GPNZ) which combined two of my current obsessions – people-powered campaigning and good organisational learning. GPNZ asked me to evaluate a… 219 more words


A Letter from Bernie Sanders

A letter from Bernie Sanders in my mailbox, the bitter pill for Sanders supporters. But even as the latest political events roll out, do not underestimate Bernie Sanders… 1,573 more words


We can create a new political era!

Recent events make you look at things and shake your head in disbelief. You look at our politics and it just doesn’t sit right for me. 814 more words