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Hong Kong pro-democracy figures make surprise inroads in local elections

Pro-democracy campaigners unexpectedly won a handful of seats in Hong Kong’s District Council elections following the vote on Sunday (Nov 22) despite the odds against them. 545 more words

Pure Apartheid

#thewhippingpost – Swellendam’s indigenous community is said to be outraged at the #wieisdjy collective for incidents that occurred during the last 3 weeks in Swellendam at… 176 more words

Arise Oppressed Arise! By Mark Daniel Nicasio

From thy graveyard the earth hears thy cries
You toil, you sweat, you die
You get nothing but a mere scoop of rice
Then you stay inside the cage of oppression… 152 more words

The Nature of Work

The Nature of Work

In his work, the ‘Prophet’,  Khalil Jibran, a Lebanese-American poet and author, refers to the human activity defined as ‘work’ or ‘labor’ as being ‘love made visible’.  737 more words

ignored voices

it is only collectively
that ignored voices
gather momentum
echoes from the past
drumbeaters of the future

People Power


A Patriot Speaks Against His President

This week our president made a jaw-dropping claim: loyalty to the ANC (the ruling party), he glibly remarked, is more important than loyalty to the country. 917 more words

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