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It worked! The power of people!!

Don’t tell me that people can’t make amazing things happen when we come together! Here is living proof. In ONE day, Eternally At War is now an Amazon #1 New Release!!   15 more words

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Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #20

My Cornmeal porridge with Dates and Pumpkin Seeds followed by bunch of Grapes reminded me that in this whole wide world of ours there are many people, either individually or in groups having their some kind of food made from grains, cereals, seeds, fruits, vegetables etc.   88 more words

Beautifully Designed E-Bike.

You no longer have to sweat your way up those pesky hills!

Check out the link below over on our Facebook page for more info on these sweet looking bikes.

Courtesy of Velocipede-Fogliaverde bikes.

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People Power

We all know that this election in November will be a nail-biting one: candidates with drastically different policies competing for a big slice of power in running the country. 221 more words

Climate Change

The game is up and there is only one thing left to say to the Coup plotters

It’s too late Smith. The polls show you are way behind, the CLP’s have overwhelmingly nominated Corbyn up and down the country. The majority of trade Unions are behind Corbyn and the clear majority of new Labour members have joined because of and for Jeremy Corbyn. 718 more words

UK Politics

Place a high value on people (3mins)

There are three keys to more abundant life: caring about others, daring for others and sharing with others.-William Ward

One of the secrets of maintaining a good attitude is…

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Motivational Digest

People-power, evaluations and Bowie - my year in summary

Last weekend I was asked to speak to graduates of Campaign Bootcamp NZ. The young campaigners had completed the one week programme last September. They were coming together again to brush up their skills and to share what they’d done since the training. 680 more words