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Awesome Power of Little Things

Only recently President Assad admitted his predicament. He is winning a war that he cannot hold because of severe shortage. The Syrian leader must have realized what mass exodus of his people in order to avoid conflict could do to a vast country like his. 584 more words

Benny Thomas

Wastage Misconceptions

It’s quite plain to see that India has a waste problem. Just look around and you will see, or perhaps you don’t even need to do that. 476 more words


Finkelstein's Pessimism and Optimism

Philosopher Paul Ricoeur identified Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche as three masters of suspicion in the modern West.  Over the last three decades, Norman Finkelstein has shown himself to be a contemporary  maven of suspicion when it comes to  such matters as the Holocaust Industry,  Middle East scholarship applauded by the mainstream, and Israel’s policies that torment the Palestinian people.  757 more words


The Power of Us

How can the government say in one breath they value free speech & go on about censorship & mass surveillance in another. David Cameron keeps repeating how conspiracy theorists are akin to extremism/terrorists. 385 more words


Boycotts Work

The anger & pro-Zionist propaganda coming from the mainstream media & politicians proves the boycott of Israeli goods are working. Hopefully Israel will get the message that most of the world does not approve of their actions in Gaza. 106 more words


WWE's 'The Beast In The East' Special Came Together On A Fluke And Was Driven By People Power

The recent Brock Lesnar: The Beast in the East WWE Network special wasn’t exactly your typical WWE show. It’s hard to image how a simple throwback wrestling show, featuring a mix of NXT and WWE talent, emanating from one of Japan’s most hallowed arenas and airing at 5:30 in the morning in the United States even came to be. 301 more words


Positive News is to become a co-operative

Positive News is a publication which – like this website – is dedicated to reporting positive developments, focussing on the good in the world and the solutions to humanity’s challenges. 178 more words

Renewable Energy