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After more than 30 years I recently spent a week in the Philippines, giving a few arranged talks at universities, meeting with NGOs, and old friends who shared their understanding of this fascinating fast growing country of approximately 105 million people living on an archipelago that consists of more than 7,107 islands. 2,171 more words


Adrift in the Orwellian Haze: Part III

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Our Democracy: Vote for me, and I Promise NOT to Represent You

In theory, we live in a representative democracy where a majority vote by the citizens of a community/province/nation determines its political leadership, and these leaders represent the interests of the people who voted for them. 2,491 more words

People Power

Die Pittekop Mense

My hoerskool jare in van die beste tye wat ek beleef het, ek kry nou nog flashes van die oomblike wat ek nou nog onthou. N klasmaat van matriek ’97 gooi my n boodskap in my inbox en daar veruil ons grappe en klets so dat ons nie die tyd in ag neem nie. 289 more words

People Power

Mass Line and Mass Movement in Health: A Case Study of the Alliance for People’s Health

By Martha Roberts

This article is based on my experiences over the past 9 years of working with the Alliance for People’s Health (APH) as a founding member. 3,269 more words


How to Stop Extremism Before It Starts

In the global fight against violent extremism, a major element has been missing from the conversation that has focused on mostly top-down, official efforts: how ordinary citizens and communities are successfully challenging the acute corruption that drives young people and others into the folds of radicals. 1,074 more words


Adrift in the Orwellian Haze: Part II

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Our Rights: Of course you’re free…in theory

What exactly is freedom? What does the word mean to you? Most people would probably answer being able to make your own choices in life, live the way you desire, or some may ascribe it our right to choose our leaders and our laws via voting a in elections and referenda. 1,535 more words

People Power

Light up the Night with Santa Cruz Bike Party

With the recent opening of the Arana Gulch Multi-Use Trail and the addition of the green lanes on Laurel Street, Santa Cruz is really starting to live up to that “bicycle friendly” town we all know and love. 143 more words

Bike Friendly