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So far in Pampanga

Note: This is just my observation, general observation, about what I experience in  Pampanga.

There are so many new things for me since I moved in Angeles for work. 402 more words

Zoocobia at Clark, Pampanga Tour Operators Day

On May 26, 2015 at Zoocobia, Clark, Pampanga, Zoomanity Group, the leader in Theme Parks and Zoo Management in the Philippines will welcome 500 Travel & Tour Operators to acknowledge them with their contributions and loyalty in bringing quality destination and education to patrons and clients of Zoomanity Group. 183 more words


Philippines Diary: May 13, 2015 🇵🇭

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the irregular posting. Guam was hit with Typhoon Dolphin this passed Friday. We had no power for about 2 days and I didn’t get wifi until today. 742 more words


Green and Blue
Such a relaxing view

Shared with a friend
With random things to do

Memories to treasure
Thanks, from me to you ;)


Event: A Photoshoot for a Cause

Such a young group, United Cosplayers of Pampanga and AC Photography conducted this private event to do charity for Bale Anghel Foundation for the street children, 05-02-2015. 308 more words


Philippines Diary: May 12, 2015 🇵🇭


Sorry I didn’t get to post on Wednesday, my wifi was acting up and I wasn’t able to post this blog.

Woke up at 4:00am today because we were supposedly leaving at 5:00am but as always we never follow the time haha. 572 more words


One Fine Day in Copenhagen

Sitting in the sofa while listening to Nina (a Filipina artist). Reflecting. Got hungry. Got up and did a little bit of magic in the kitchen. 162 more words