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Cycling at Prado

Not to wait for the midnight concert of many artists and the main RedFoo because Egg and I are too tita for the party. We want to take a siesta but no more rooms available. 896 more words

Top 10 Online Games In The Philippines 2014 Ang Pinaka Pampanga

Top 10 online games in the philippines 2014 ang pinaka pampanga

10 Pinaka-kakatwang Pangalan what are the traditional games of the philippines. unti-unti nang napapalitan ang mga lumang nakagisnan at para bang nagiging 017 Top 10 online games in the philippines 2014 ang pinaka gma Zoek Find out the Top 10 “Ang Pinaka: Addictive Game Home of GMA News Online listing top Ang Pinaka: Bonggang Super-sized Food What are the most controversial magazine covers in the Philippines? 453 more words

Let's Go to Pampanga!

With only a few weeks left before students go back to school and rain to start pouring down heavily (hello, rainy season), let’s go and explore Pampanga. 604 more words


Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Missing the chance to witness hot air balloons flying in the sky every single year, I promised myself that this year I will be there. … 348 more words


Clark-Bagabag-Clark flight launched

Clark-Bagabag-Clark flight launched
By Marna Dagumboy-Del Rosario

CLARK, Pampanga (Philippines News Agency) — Wakay Air Services on Wednesday officially launched its Clark-Bagabag-Clark inaugural flight, cutting a six-to eight-hour land travel into one hour and 45 minutes. 122 more words

A Weekend of Everything that Flies

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is one of the most anticipated events; it’s the time of the year where they showcase Hot Air Balloons from different parts of the world and a wide array of everything that flies. 531 more words


Making lemonade out of lemons at the Philippine’s Puning Hot Springs and Spa

The devastating eruption of Mount Pinatubo in June 1991 wreaked havoc on the Philippine island of Luzon. Blankets of ash, 650 feet deep, covered its slopes, hundreds died, homes and livelihoods vanished in what most volcanophiles believe was the largest eruption of the 20th century. 476 more words