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Review: Sisig from Katipunero

Growing up in a Filipino household, we had some weird as food to the eyes of some peeps. My family in particular, come from a place in Philippines called Pampanga. 464 more words


2015 Project 365, Day 208: L.A. Bakeshop Cheesebread and Spanish Bread

Photo #208: July 27

When in Pampanga, I highly recommend L.A. Bakeshop‘s cheese & Spanish breads as pasalubong!!! They are filling and have a yummy mix of salty-sweet goodness! 27 more words

Herencia de Julieta Mabalacat

Herencia de Julieta Villas 2 is inspired by modern Asian Architecture with scenic surroundings provide splendid amenities for your convenience and relaxation. It is a new way to get closer to the natural flow of life. 321 more words

Pampanga Properties

2015 Project 365, Day 207: Pampanga Anniversary Trip Day 3

Photo #207: July 26

Our last day in Pampanga!!! We had lunch at L.A. Bakeshop, and aside from good savory food, the star of the shop is their CHEESE BREAD!!! 37 more words

2015 Project 365, Day 206: Pampanga Anniversary Trip Day 2

Photo #206: July 25

Day 2 in Pampanga!!! Barneys Burger for lunch, Sky Ranch Pampanga for fun, Bale Capampangan for dinner (“Hey, Soul Sister” was even played while we were eating! 25 more words

The Ultralight Flying Experience

Dear You,

I have been wandering off to almost every weekend last June and July and I cannot wait to share it to you! But of Course, I would want to start in where I left off (or should I say, the adventures I forgot to tell you about), and that would be the ULTRALIGHT FLYING EXPERIENCE. 397 more words