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A nice surprise from Matti's Bakeshop

A few months ago, Vanessa messaged me that she was coming over, and that she was bringing cake.

I don’t remember where I met Vanessa. It was probably at one book signing or another. 379 more words


Puto Bumbong: A Christmas Delicacy

As the Christmas season starts to come, we Filipinos are starting to enjoy as well the things that we only see during Christmas Holidays. We are very trilled to experience wearing jackets and long sleeve dresses, since this part of the year makes our every night a freezing one. 261 more words


Why is it Important to Tidy Things up Before Going on Vacation

Ok, we already know that cleaning is important. But I bet, not all of us here know that cleaning before going on a vacation is also one of the important things you should do. 607 more words

Real Estate Philippines

Event: Toyfest Pampanga 2015

Apologies on our delayed post. But still, it is better to be late than never. Despite of Typhoon Lando’s passing through our country, cosplayers participated in the competition of Toyfest in SM City Clark, Pampanga, Philippines, 10-17-2015. 114 more words


Event: Bumper to Bumper 2 & Metro Rides 6 Pampanga (Part 1)

Torn between 2 events, we tried to cover Batikan 5 (link to be provided) and Bumper to Bumper 2 & Metro Rides 6 Pampanga that were held at the same time on different venues. 108 more words