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"In the urrent state of things, not allowing them to leave the country--or even teach them to read--would actually do them a favor..."

The young blond man at the dinner party wrote this in a book he is writing (Colonial Studies. This comes from the last paragraph of Chp.3, which starts with a bit of humor, probably as a way to soften the serious dialogue but also reaffirms the notion that foreigners in a position of power view the “indio” as second class citizens. 108 more words


Sunday Spotlight: Filipino Literature

The month of April is National Literature Month in the Philippines or #BuwanNgPanitikan and in its honor, I thought of doing this Sunday’s feature on the literary work of Filipinos. 622 more words


Not The Andres Bonifacio You Knew

From the time Philippine history was introduced as a subject, Katipunan’s Andres Bonifacio was portrayed as an uneducated, hot headed, and poor commoner who had enough of the Spanish abuse, reason why he went at arms with them (prematurely) in 1896. 696 more words


She mistook him for the gardener

In his Gospel John records that on the Sunday morning following Jesus’s crucifixion, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and, finding it empty, started to weep, for she thought someone had taken the body. 1,596 more words

Visual Art

Nasaan si Maria Clara?

Akala ng ilan ay namatay si Maria Clara sa biglaang pagkawala ni Ibarra. Hindi nila alam na siya ay nagsawa sa buhay na kung saan ang sistema ay may kanser at ang mga kababaihan ay walang karapatan kundi ang magsabi ng “oo” sa lahat ng iuutos ng kalalakihan. 176 more words

What's On My Mind?

"A people's prosperity or misery lay in direct proportion to its freedoms or its inhibitions and, along the same lines, of the sacrifice or selfishness of its ancestors."

At a dinner party, Ibarra was asked what made the greatest impression on him while he was traveling in Europe. His response:

Frankly, the surprising thing about these peoples, when you set aside everyone’s national pride…before visiting a country, I tried to study its history, its Exodus, so to speak, and in the end I found they all followed a common course.

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