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English translations of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo

I always tell friends that reading translated Filipino history could be dangerous at times because it robs the essence of what the texts truly mean. Take for example… 1,135 more words

Filipino History

Phillip Medhurst presents drawings of Christ by Heinrich Hofmann colourised 14 Mary Magdalene encounters Jesus risen

14 Heinrich Hofmann. Am Auferstehungs-Morgen. Kommet zu Mir – Bild 13. Original drawing in pencil. John 20:11-18.
In both of these colourisations a limited palette (each at the opposite end of the spectrum) sets the tone of quiet restraint of dawn’s early light – Noli me tangere – in contrast to the garish hues expressing the hands-on grief of the artificially-lit Entombment.


Reading Progress + Kobo Aura

Hello everybody! Today, I wanted to share with you my reading progress.

I really enjoy reading a person’s reading progress because it makes reading feel more intimate. 455 more words


Introductions + June TBR!

Hello! This is going to be my first official post on this blog. I had a blog once but I always forgot to keep up with it so I created a new one. 715 more words


Noli and El Fili: The Original Manuscripts

Xiao Chua and I have been Facebook friends for almost a year, but we never had the chance to meet in person, that’s until he thought of the perfect idea. 1,797 more words


Phillip Medhurst presents 376/392 the James Tissot Jesus c 1896 Touch Me Not John 20:16-18

By (James) Jacques-Joseph Tissot, French, 1836-1902. Opaque watercolour over graphite on paper. 28.3 x 19.1 cms. Brooklyn Museum New York.

Lithograph from “La Vie de Notre Seigneur Jésus Christ . 12 more words