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You don’t have to fork out a cent to enjoy a new wave of free leisure activities that go beyond walks in parks and museum visits. 135 more words

TOMIE: Another face (Japanese Horror Movie)

Movie: TOMIE: Another face
Release date: December 26th 1999

The movie is based on a Japanese horror manga series which was written and illustrated by Junji Ito. 299 more words


'Anchorman' (2004) by Adam McKay

Anchorman is the first movie that made me laugh even before the opening credits start. The cartoony meta-humour is blended perfectly with the live action settings, a formula that hasn’t been done right in ages but made of this movie a cult phenomenon, along with its smart, satirical plot. 161 more words


PHOTO: Meryl Streep Receives Backlash Promoting Her New Movie

Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, found herself on the receiving end of some huge backlash over a T-shirt she wore to promote her new film… 211 more words


31 Days of Reviews: Horns (2013)

While being accused of his girlfriend’s murder, Ig wakes up one morning with mysterious horns growing out of his temples. Weird. Even weirder? The horns seem to make people tell him their deep, dark secrets. 791 more words