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Review: McRib Deluxe (McDonald's Philippines)

If you are a meat-lover or trying out something new to eat, you must try this McRib from McDonald’s!


Tender and seasoned pork smothered with McDonald’s special McRib Sauce – a sweet, smoky, tangy, western barbeque-style sauce – sandwiched in fresh caramelized bread.
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Shaun the sheep!

A little bit random I know, but I thought I’d share one of my interests with you, I absolutely adore anything with sheep on. I don’t know where this craze started but I seem to have a bit of a collection going, it’s also the same with stars, if an item of clothing has a stars on it and I think I would wear it…it’s mine! 361 more words

My Mind Wanders From You

You wonder what it’s like to be a table.

You sit there,

Twiddle your thumbs,

Do fuck all

And play with your hair.

Your job is a joke; your words not mine. 126 more words


Fast Food Rights Global Day of Action

April 15th was a further global Fast Food day of action with strikes and protests in a whole number of countries worldwide. In the UK, Youth Fight for Jobs helped organise and supported around 30 Fast Food Rights ‘Join a Union’ protests and activities, including several in Yorkshire, with a few more to come over the next week (reports posted once recieved) 187 more words

Protests & Strikes

How Americans Subsidize Companies that Pay Low Wages

While this article came out on tax day in the Washington Post in response to the national protests for a living wage, the facts still remain relevant until the issue is resolved, so we post the story here. 560 more words


Big Mac Chant Campaign

The Big Mac is the original McDonald’s icon and an integral part of the brands history. However the constantly changing menu, not only at McDonald’s but within the wider category means consumers have lost that association with the classic burger. 137 more words


McDonald's Embraces Its Heritage With New Irish Menu

McDonald’s stunned this Fast Food Nation today, Modern Philosophers, when the company announced it was completely changing its menu.

Citing a desire to embrace its heritage, while also differentiating itself from the growing number of fast food burger chains across the country, the home of Ronald McDonald has decided to go in a completely different direction. 512 more words