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A turtle and terrapin were left alone in an ice cream tub at McDonald's

A turtle and a terrapin were left alone in an ice cream tub at a 24 hour McDonald’s in Brighton.

All the little pals were each other, a damp t-shirt and a single lettuce leaf, under the fast food strip lights of the Golden Arches.. 307 more words


Candy Flavoured Pringles (Random Food Stuffs Pt1)

Title kinda says it all really dont it, check it out lol.

“Fans of sweet-savory flavor combinations may be glad to hear that Pringles has come out with a season-specific Sugar Cookie Chip flavor for its Holiday 2016 lineup. 396 more words

The Outdated Archive

Coffee Necesities

I did it again.. I thought all day yesterday that it was Wednesday. It wasn’t until Danny said something about a football game that I was like, “wait a minute..they play on Thursdays”. 658 more words

Christmas shopping snack attacks

Dieters be careful. If you are Christmas shopping this weekend you are bound to need a snack break at some point.

Crisp sandwiches at only €3 each had Skinny Chips salivating outside one shop window. 196 more words

Brands That Rock Instagram (Video Blog)

There are some fantastic brands on Instagram, these are five which I found to be particularly strong though! I created a video on YouTube using “Photo Slideshow”.


McDonald's sells Singapore, Malaysian franchise to Saudi group


SINGAPORE: McDonald’s Corp said on Friday (Dec 2) it had sold the franchise rights for its restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia to Saudi Arabia’s Lionhorn Pte Ltd as part of a plan to move away from direct ownership in Asia. 153 more words

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