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Work, Work, & More Work

Where do I work??

I’ve been thinking about writing down my thoughts about my job and my life and I usually would write it in a journal or something but I figured I might as well share it on my blog and see if anyone can relate to the frustration I’m feeling. 845 more words


An Ode to McDonald's

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the real MVP of my travels: McDonald’s. No, not because I like fast food or get excited about nuggets and a red-footed, red-haired clown. 1,142 more words


Depression Level - High

I left early this morning to do some Uber. I had 7 trips in 4 hours, 5 of which were Uber Eats. I should’ve had 6 Eats deliveries but… 726 more words

General Chatter

Mcdonalds Collectible Crew Pins Lot Of 88

Mcdonalds Collectible Crew Pins Lot Of 88
A Lot Of 88 McDonald Pens There Are Some Duplicates In Sets Of 2 A Set Of 12 USA That Says When The USA Wins You Win A Set Of Two 1992 USA Barcelona Olympic Model – WH620d9c8f63b83e6d… 21 more words


Quality Control?

Subtitled a McD fail.

Did a drive-thru at the nearby McD. Ordered a grilled chicken sriracha sandwich (from their website: with spicy, chili pepper-infused Sriracha Mac Sauce™, tender baby spinach and kale, tomato, crispy onion, and smooth white cheddar*. 171 more words


How should we respond to the McVegan burger?

There has been much debate over McDonald’s’ introduction of a vegan burger trial in Finland. I have seen lots of different opinions shared about the possible positive and negative results of this development shared online, so I thought I would try to summarise and clarify them here, then come to a conclusion on the issue. 2,374 more words

Effective Altruism

REVIEW: McCafe's Chocolate Melts

Everybody knows and loves McCafe’s Cinnamon Melts. They’re gooey, sticky and sweet, perfect for an afternoon tea break. Over the years, their Melts series have appeared in new flavours like blueberry and chocolate. 260 more words