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American Obese Females

YOU’RE FAT! This article is about the American dream, the American right, the American obesity epidemic rising vastly across it’s great nation. So why did I call you fat though, easy, so many people want to call you thick or big boned. 942 more words



“Will it come immediately? I doubt it, there are many more middle income neighbourhoods around the world. Global comparable sales up three and a half percent, across the 36 thousand restaurants in over 100 countries is a decent enough reflection of the global economy. 1,435 more words


SEO and Branding: What Does It Have In Store For Bloggers?

Cebu, Philippines — Recently, the Cebu Bloggers Society conducted a series of CBS MiniTalks, aimed to help out bloggers who wanted to up the ante on their blogs. 1,052 more words

Cebu Blog Life

McD Fined $56.5K For Ignoring Deaf Applicant

It’s been around since 1990, so there is no excuse for an employer not to be aware of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA… 219 more words

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Sunday Sketchblog #152

I’ve not really painted anything for a while, unless you count my holiday sketchbook, but this week I got back into the saddle by starting an open-ended series of miniatures. 14 more words


The Future of McDonalds

If you say ‘McDonalds’ to someone, anywhere in the world, it’s likely they will know what you mean. They probably would have been to one of the restaurants at least once in their lifetime, and as soon as you say the word will start conjuring up the golden arches In their mind (or chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets are life’. 1,031 more words