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"McDonald’s Packaging to Be 100% ‘Green’ by 2025"

The change to McDonald’s packaging comes alongside another commitment from the company. This is to have recycling for guest packaging available at all of its restaurants by 2025.

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Little Editions of Happiness

The days are running fast,
Like a sprint, or a downhill,
With no way of stopping it what so ever.
You take a plastic plate, 158 more words


*Weird News* Ninja Thief Crawls Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Steals Cash Register

Cops in DeKalb County, Georgia are searching for an armed robber who climbed in through a McDonald’s drive-thru window and stole the cash register. Surveillance video shows the guy with a gun running past cars waiting in line at 11:30 p.m. 116 more words


McDonald's Aims For Fully Recycled Packaging By 2025

Intent on being part of the solution, fast food giant McDonald’s has vowed to use sustainable packaging in 100% of its stores by 2025.  Currently only 10% of the 37,000 McDonald’s locations worldwide use recycled packaging for their food products, but they plan get all items like bags, straws, wrappers and cups from recycled or renewable materials, up from half currently. 131 more words


Teen Walks Off Job After McDonald's Manager Allegedly Uses Slur To Describe Sisters

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MONACA (KDKA) – A teenager walked off the job in Monaca after he says his boss used a “slur” to describe his little sisters. 437 more words


I'm boycotting Tim Horton's in solidarity with workers; I'm boycotting McDonald's for the honour of dinosaurs

Note: This blog has a humorous tone, but I’m not downplaying the bullying tactics of several Tim Horton’s locations or belittling the rights of their employees.

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Politics? I Guess

McDonald’s ‘Playdate’ commercial plays with old dad stereotype

Can this really be what McDonald’s thinks of today’s modern father?

In one of its latest ads, an “in over (his) head” dad apparently can’t handle a sleepover, nor manage to feed the girls while his wife is out of town — so he visits a McDonald’s. 309 more words