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Glendale police: 'Numerous tips' come in after video release of McDonald's assault; no arrests

GLENDALE — Glendale police said in an update Wednesday, March 21, “numerous tips” have come in after surveillance video was shared, showing an attack on a young McDonald’s employee that happened Sunday morning, March 18 at the McDonald’s restaurant on Port Washington Rd. 281 more words


My phobia with Ronald.

Whenever asked what my greatest fear was. My generic answer was death or the dark. Which was kind of boring considering other people have intense fears of some common things like crossing the street or fear of bugs, enclosed spaces, or slimy objects. 333 more words

What are the McDonalds Monopoly 2018 prizes and how do you win them?

McDonald’s Monopoly is officially back, and it’s worth eating your weight in nuggets for the prizes.

Up for grabs is a Mini Cooper, £100k in cash, a trip to Orlando, and an… 514 more words


List Of Top 10 Best Fast Food French Fries


By Grace Vasquez

Some may consider fries a side dish but for others, like mua, it can be a dish in itself, especially when the fries are fresh, hot and crispy! 400 more words


Ninja News: Week in Review – Episode 2 (Atheism, Animal Rights, McDonalds, Zach Anner, Netflix, Adderall)

Here’s episode 2 of my new Week in Review Podcast. I cover a lot of different topics this week and look forward to your comments on the… 72 more words


BuzzFeed duo tries McDonald's Singapore food and comes away impressed


A duo representing American media brand BuzzFeed recently tried Singapore McDonald’s food and were very impressed by the Asian flair of the dishes. 285 more words

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