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Dear McDonald's new CEO: Happy first day. Here's some (unsolicited) advice

It’s McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook’s first day on the job, and he has his work cut out for him. Last month, the burger giant posted a steeper than expected sales decline, with global sales at restaurants open for more than a year falling… 826 more words


The Magic of McDonald's at 3am

No night out in town is complete without a trip to Mc Donald’s and/or other various food outlets. I wanted to find out why drunk people are always so hungry. 454 more words


What's Actually In McDonald's Shamrock Shake?

I remember my grandmother absolutely had to have a Shamrock Shake as soon as McDonald’s rolled out their St. Patrick’s Day treat. As soon as the calendar turned to March she was ready, but exactly what is in that 22-ounce green, minty shake? 68 more words


Photo of the day (2nd March 2015)

If you work at McDonald’s NEVER leave your phone unattended in the kitchen. This will happen….repeatedly. 


fast food madness -- como é o McDonald's nos Estados Unidos

Uma coisa ninguém pode negar: a rede de fast food McDonald’s é sinônimo de Estados Unidos — só vendo o logo da marca, muita história e ideologia norte-americana já vem em nossas cabeças. 1,203 more words

VIDEO: Lady evolves into her "Ultimate Form" to get McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

I once had a similar outburst at a McDonald’s drive-through… but it was at 11:00am and I was upset because they had stopped serving breakfast.