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Is it time to treat customers like dogs?

Of course, your customers aren’t like our furry four-legged companions or are they? Psychologist Ivan Pavlov brought us the learning process called Classical Conditioning. To make a long story short he discovered that dogs had unconsciously learned that food is good, and when food was present they would salivate. 504 more words


Tropical Hut: A Filipino First

Before Jollibee…..before McDonald’s…..before Burger King…..There was Tropical Hut.

It all started in 1962.  The Que Family installed a coffee shop in their supermarket and thus a legend was born. 304 more words


July 29, 1995 - Saturday - 9:50 a.m.

Barbie was at work yesterday.  We both ran the drive-thru.  We had a lot of fun.  I got one of the Barbie dolls McDonald’s has for the Happy Meals and had her autograph it. 287 more words

Report: McDonald’s Global Profits Are Continuing to Fall

Millions continue to reject fast food

Image Credits: Mike Mozart / Flickr.

by Anthony Gucciardi | Natural Society

The decline of fast food giant McDonald’s continues in full swing, as the company reports yet another quarter of ‘disappointing’ global losses. 482 more words


July 28, 2015: Thermo

I get up at seven thirty and watch Married with Children till Kimmie picks me up. We head to the hut and I check the truck order to make sure everything is there before running over to Dollar General for a Monster. 205 more words

McDonalds closing 700 restaurants due to healthy living

McDonald’s have had a massive expansion In growth since they opened the first store in 1955, Offering cheap and addictive meals they quickly became the pioneer of the fast food world. 178 more words


She Said That? 7/28/15

From a woman in Iran, a friend of Charles Glass, quoted in his article, “Ten Indications Iran Wants Business, Not Bombs.”

But we want McDonald’s.

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