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Restricting Calories in Kids' Fast Food Meals: NYC Might Do it

One in five New York City kindergarten students is obese, according to city government. To lower that statistic, one NYC Council Member wants to impose strict rules on fast food meals marketed to kids—all those deep-fried feasts that lure in children with the promise of a cute plastic toy, like McDonald’s Happy Meals. 684 more words

Bitter Rivalry of The Week - Burger King vs. McDonald's

Yeah, it’s Mondayyyyy! My favorite day of the week except every other day except Tuesdayyyy.  Moving on from that sarcasm, I was walking to the library the other day(not to read, but because they have free internet there), and a lightbulb hit me over the head.   512 more words


Six on the Beach: Six Things I Learned

This past weekend, Kris and I went to a ridiculously fun Ultimate tournament in Pohang called Six on the Beach. It was a two-day celebration of Ultimate, filled with sand, sun, and throwing some discs. 943 more words

NEWS FLASH: Burger King Learns About Unintended Consequences

Last week Burger King ambushed McDonald’s with full-page ads in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, suggesting the two chains combine forces with a one-time mash-up burger (the  206 more words

Marketing Strategy

McDonald’s Staff Members Think It Would Be Cool to Be Replaced by Robots

Following increased speculation that the rise in the US minimum wage could result in McDonald’s replacing its workers with robots, its staff respond with inappropriate enthusiasm. 257 more words


Weird Service Animals Show Up In Odd Places

A woman and a kangaroo wearing a diaper walk into a McDonald’s, and the woman says: He’s my service kangaroo.  No, it’s not the setup for a joke. 76 more words