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Baby and Me

The first thing about being a mom;

no matter how much you plan for it you will never be “Ready”. The reason I put it in quotes is that one is never really ready to be a mom. 382 more words



Someone was talking about you today you see I got angry and hurt because I’m you and you’re me. I told them my parent your parent my child your child it doesn’t matter_friends or cousins cut out all your chatter. 77 more words

Identity and Insecurity

“We must let our identity not our insecurity, be the first thing that walks into every situation we face – every decision we make.” – Lysa Terkeust… 550 more words

Love & Loss: Living In Between

50 Men On What Their Girlfriend Does That Makes Them Feel Desired


The way she looks at me. She’s not exactly a romantic, and I’m usually the one doing all the corny, “cringey”romance stuff, but the way she can use her eyes, especially in a situation where it’d be entirely inappropriate if someone was watching our gaze, to make me know I’m the one person that matters. 2,162 more words


He carries this world in his heart

And when i look in his eyes

There it is;

This beautiful gaze full of

Love and starbursts. 29 more words

the unfortunates i.

i. miss you desperately and

i. can’t convince myself that

i. don’t want you and

i. don’t need you

–loony x


Travel: San Francisco

Hi guys welcome back!

I’ve spaced these blog posts apart, so I hope you enjoy the next instalment of the America series from my travels this summer. 391 more words