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Things of no importance

When I woke up this morning in this new city, I felt nostalgic.
As if a part of me was somewhere misplaced.
A part that I deliberately left behind. 77 more words


Chapter Fourteen

It wasn’t too long ago the blackness in the sky had been absolute, but now the sun bestowed a golden lustre on whatever it touched. A perfect dawn marking a new day. 4,204 more words



Have you ever had

everyone around you

turning up against you

and accusing you to be a liar

to be crazy, deceitful and manipulative

Have you ever been in a situation… 170 more words



Another day I was reading a blog by a therapist, that concluded “Love is a behavior rather than an emotion”. The idea really hit me as it got me thinking. 118 more words


The Groove on Repeat

The needle crackles as it presses upon the same tune.

With every turn you short-changed yourself.

Every weak, manipulative, broken man you could find, THAT was you prince charming. 261 more words

Growth, Development

My North Star

i love you in the space between my breaths.

and as my belly moves with new life,
i hold you within the deepest marrow of my bones– 40 more words


lips like halloween

lost in memories again

in how words and art cannot pull the true power of the emotion out because it is so much more than a word or painting… 617 more words