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Sweet Little

Loquacious lies that lay

Saccharine on the tongue.

I’ll share them with you

For a kiss.


When waiting is hard....

Today I sit at the computer with so many things running through my mind.  When will I get a job?  Will we have enough to make it this month?   462 more words

[Poetry] A Forkmate Story

The fork was looking for the spoon.
Travelling up to the Saturn moon.

At the first stop at Mars,
The fork went alone to steak bar. 98 more words



  • WRITTEN IN MAY 2015 

A still ocean, no longer rumbles against the earth,
A dead sun, no longer provides us gravity,
A deceased moon, no longer gives us light, 178 more words


What real body peace is

Everyone is talking about body peace. What exactly is body peace? I’m sure a common response would be, “it’s loving your body for what it is. 448 more words


Gwanghallu and the City of Love

Last week I wrote about the many festivals Korea has in May, that occur on Buddha’s Birthday. One of the largest festivals in Korea takes place in Namwon, the city of love (or if you know the movie  831 more words


Let Our Heart Be Warmed by God's Love

“Thus does mind and heart join in unity in the present, in the here and now, so that you exist—even within form—as the only Son of God, the Christ, the word made flesh. 625 more words