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Here's to Us

We’ve seen some shit, yes we have,
but we’ve managed to say, “Fuck
them, we’ll live our lives on our
own terms,” and that’s the best part… 196 more words


What if?

What if they met in this day and age? What if lovers of yore? Lovers from the stories of Laila and Majnu, Mirza and Sahiba; what if they were to meet today. 540 more words


To have faith

To have faith

It can seem like an impossible thing

To walk where you can’t see

To move forward without knowing where you’re going

To let go of the reigns… 186 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Coming to a pause in the

middle of a road, he closed his

eyes and tried to remember her

voice. ‘Never believed that we’d… 27 more words


Quote Appreciation Post

There are so many beautiful and profound quotes out there. I’m a sucker for them actually. I have a notebook that I have filled with these words, they give me comfort and help propel me forward. 389 more words



It was a beautiful sunset,

That was the evening he asked her out.

He said, “I love you, trust me”

She took a while, closed her eyes, smiled and said, 133 more words

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