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Helping others for no reason but kindness

How often do we take the time out of our day to offer our time, such as getting involved in a working bee, visiting the elderly or permablitzing.   88 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Why Is It So Hard For People To Stick Around?

We’ve become so good at leaving.

We’ve become so good at quick exits and silent goodbyes.

We’ve been taught how to replace people not how to keep them. 606 more words


Resolved to be saved and to save,
Somehow believing survival is tangible
And mine to impart.
The detestable realities of what we call life:
Disease, poverty, rejection, sorrow, war… 196 more words


43 Years of Stumbling

Never once until recently did I consider that giving some sort of life to the constant over surge of thoughts that whirl around my head might be therapeutic and this absolutely drives me. 1,258 more words

The Elucidation Of Love. 

Have you ever thought what actually ‘Love’ is? “A strong feeling of affection or a great interest and pleasure in something or someone.” That’s what, you all will think. 784 more words

Bitter Truth : Life

"I will never be the other woman... I know what it feels like" Part 2

It’s important to state that throughout this blog all names, places, and sensitive information will be changed for the safety and privacy of the people involved. 899 more words


I miss you

Dragging my feet today –

just because I’m missing you.

The sun feels too bright, too hot

and I know I should be grateful because it normally rains… 29 more words