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Between Sleep and Awake

I rarely tell people my most precious sleeping dreams, because I have always believed in the old superstition that when you tell someone about a dream you had, you risk the chance of it not coming true. 1,201 more words

Kylie Jenner Reveals She's Not Getting Married To Tyga 'Anytime Soon'

Kylie Jenner doesn’t address the endless rumors about her often, but she just couldn’t bite her tongue when it came to the reports that she and Tyga will be having a wedding after her 18th birthday on Aug. 444 more words

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Day twenty; Story twenty

Time has always been real hard for me! Not only in case of family but in the case of friends as well!
My dad had a divorce with my mom when I was 4 and he remarried when I was 10 and things in my life were never easy after that, I had always been leading a challenging life when it came to relationships.

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Kaland / Adventure

Kaland / Adventure

Úgy döntöttem, hogy most egy kicsit már irányba viszema  blogot és a sebeim nyalogatása helyett valami, olyanról írok, amit igazán szeretek. A kalandról. 1,162 more words

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We texted in and out of each other's mind

We went in and out of each other’s mind with the agility of fingers leaping over an iPhone screen half covered by the keyboard we’ve built our playground from. 268 more words


nyquil nightmares

In hopes of sleeping a whole night through, I placed both teal tablets in my mouth and swallowed. I laid down and closed my eyes and just like clock work the memories started to play. 543 more words

When it's time - it's time

I’m not looking for somebody else

I just want to see you

I completed your lie detector test

and everything I say is true

There is no rhyme or reason…

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Kait King Poetry