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Happy News - Conservative Judaism Unveils a New Egalitarian, Gay-friendly Prayer Book

Conservative Judaism Unveils a New Egalitarian, Gay-friendly Prayer Book

Submitted February 11, 2016 at 03:19AM by ammankid
via the awesome folks of the Uplifting News subreddit:


Self Love//

I’m currently sitting in my bed watching the Cleveland Show, and I got to thinking about double standards. There are so many its hard to keep track of them all, but one that I keep thinking of is… 169 more words


Thu, February 11

I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time. At first I felt as if I had lost my muse, but I know that’s not true. 672 more words


Happy birthday, Josh

Happy birthday to a man who works his bootie off for his family and still comes home with energy enough for Jacob. He is obnoxiously good at everything he does. 210 more words


Rome Wasn't Built In A Day 

Many of us have been in similar situations but we all have different virtues, morals and actions and that’s why some people stand on shark saving ships and some chop off their fins. 437 more words


We all do this to ourselves and it is very very annoying. Especially on holidays/weekends.

How many of you are guilty for sleeping late at night or sometimes not sleeping at all and then waking up in the afternoon feeling not so productive? 275 more words



Woke up very depressed today. I wake up depressed everyday but this was like an elephant was sitting on me. Every movement was taxing and heavy. 352 more words