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Heal Me

It’s beginning again…

That uncertainty about whether you’re feeling it too.

I can swear you looked sad when I was leaving

But maybe that’s just me? 116 more words


No place like home 

It’s been a year and something months since I’ve gone here , I’ve moved to Minnesota it was way to cold, I had my baby boy , and I’ve moved back to California which is pretty insane , my baby boy is now 8months which is pretty amazing starting to crawl and pretty soon he’ll be walk and then turn 1.! 119 more words


Still Facing Reality

Due to time, I have had a chance to relax a lot of my overly emotional thoughts that have been rushing through my head for the past 2 months. 637 more words

love as many birds

tempo as it as the having

and its own eagle

and use on the moment

and its own seeking

and told on the long

and willing¬† as it was the secure… 43 more words


Death Of A Bachelor

If you don’t mind me asking,

Do I look lonely?

Have I lost weight?

Toxic, addicting,

with hot red painted lips

and eyes that pierce me. 72 more words


Follow Me, Like Me, Twat Me, then Kill Me Please

Someone kill me. Seriously…peck me to death with the Twitter icon’s beak, plus me to oblivion with Google Plus’s plus sign that I can’t find anywhere on my keyboard. 366 more words