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Looking For Real Love

He gave us all the tools we need

His words have all been written

That while we are in this world

We are not of this world… 204 more words

"I have told myself you are not allowed to hurt me anymore. That's what hurts the most."

— Poems Porn (@PoemsPorn) April 21, 2015



I’m going through a break-up. It’s a time of loss, obviously—scraping together the courage to reimagine my life without the routines, plans, DVDs, kitchen appliances that have structured my days. 814 more words

Essays: Creative Nonfiction


When the sirens went off I was in the garden
And I knew, because they’d told us so,
That there were only two minutes left… 100 more words


what i'm thinking about right now

I want you to fuck me when I am high from writing, when I am disconnected and separate, when my eyes are glazed and unfocused from looking inward. 212 more words

Pieces Of Me

A God of Grace, Not Law!

In concluding this series on the goodness and grace of God, ultimately we must come to the most important conclusion on this subject: that God is not a God of law, but of grace. 643 more words