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What I've Been Watching On Netflix #2

The weather’s still colder than your girlfriend’s mum and it’s times like these when some major snuggling on the couch takes place with your forever Bae, formerly¬†known as Netflix. 464 more words


The Monday Project | Lets Stop Hate

“Speak up even if your voice shakes”

Week 19 and that’s it! I said I would post until the end of September and I hope that anyone reading this has enjoyed the ride!

399 more words

How a Pet Lost Her Will to Love Part 1

How Conviction stole my heart in a fanfiction story.

(This group of friends I was with were into the lifestyle of BDSM. There are sexual themes here, no sex scenes. 1,525 more words

Forming of a Raindrop.

Throw my heart into the wind
To see what lies of chaff blow away and what grains of truth remain.
Will you catch it?
Should my heart fall into the dust, as I collect it those specks will fill my eyes forming clouds of tears.


Just Penned!! - Burst of a mirage

Burst of a mirage
Sprinkled a rainbow
With bubbles of love
That blasted sprinkling lies

Drenched in the mirage
Sprinkled with lies
I shivered staring at the smoggy sky… 87 more words



My most recent work is a sketch of one of my favourite teachers: my Bharatanatyam dance teacher Smt. Aparna Vinod. She has always inspired me in every way. 171 more words


VIP Tacos

I knew I would have to work while I attended college.

So I decided to just work at a location that could accommodate my hours without much effort or work into learning new things. 336 more words