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Where Did Grandma Go?

Where did Grandma go?

Sitting in a rocking chair
Hearing voices that aren’t there
With a face full of despair
Where did grandma go

Grandma sitting staring into space… 185 more words


Happy Terrible Fall

Fall is coming! The trees are changing colors! I am trying to shed yet another metaphorical skin of my previous self.

Relationships are an interesting beast. 604 more words

stronger ...

worlds just broke down, trees are fallen under misunderstood conditions.

Even so, I am scared of being deserted every day, and being commanded silence, that is, of people that I like, to be resolutely quiet against me. 50 more words


Sleepy Love

These days are getting gray and unpredictable, especially, the weather and the bomb threats. With the ground shifting, the way E.B. White wrote it in The Door, it makes me wonder if I’m in some piece of literature. 195 more words

Creative Writing

Isang tanong, anong sagot?

Magtitiwala ka pa ba kung nakapaglihim na siya?

Papatawarin mo pa ba kung paulit-ulit na lang talaga?

Aasa ka pa ba kung alam mong wala na? 35 more words



Hello World!

Ann has risen back up from the dead! (lol, jokingĀ I’ve just been preoccupied by other things so writing has been pushed on a back burner.) It’s been a year since I’ve written anything on here, honestly life has a way of being a distraction. 1,400 more words


I still get butterflies when I look at you

I still get nervous when I take you on a date

I still can’t believe you chose me to be your forever… 30 more words