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Lamentations of the Sea

He felt:
Her slowly sinking away from him as his hands outstretched tried holding on to her slippery hands.
It was difficult to tell where her tears started and the ocean ended. 202 more words

We could see the glitter

dancing on our skin

So close to the end of the rainbow now




– Jen


Today, I spoke.

As I posted earlier I would be speaking to possible adoptive parents. I just got back and I’m feeling okay. It went well, nerve-wrecking but well. 415 more words


Reverie Series Part III: Hello and Good-Bye, Beloved Future

I think it’s time, that I ask for divine providence. It’s becoming quite fearful, even if I have already felt this fear way before when I first succumbed to these forbidden emotions inside of me. 1,619 more words


Listened to La Wally on the Mountain Pass

I listened to “Ebben? Ne andro lontana”
on the edge of life and death
The beautiful and powerful voice
soothed the deceased
and energized the living… 25 more words


Her eyes are made of Sunshine

Her eyes are made of sunshine,
so new, they are wise.
Climbing onto the weathered wicker
She sits with me,
Asking me questions
In her language of beginnings. 157 more words

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Embrace: Encouraging the Body Image Movement

I thought to myself as I sat to write this post, I probably sound like a broken record to those who read my blog. Then I realized, the… 299 more words