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Like the river, forever bound,
It’s role Assigned, burdens abound,
Stride all men, one destination,
That is Love, its constant rhythm.

Like the seed, left bare in soil dry, 61 more words


Honey and Stardust

I will trade you my honey and stardust

For your jokes and gumbo

And you can have my backrubs and goofy grins

For your playlists and timeless charm. 26 more words


Creative Impulse

Others can guide us to awaken

Our inner gifts and abilities

But inherently

They cannot give you

What isn’t already inside you

Listen to yourself… 14 more words

Inky Solitude

Inky solitude, new quote on love !!🌹💕🥂😊💕

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LOVE~by Manoj Papola


Love is the best thing that has happned to me ever
love! we can’t explain love with it’s right meaning ,
love is not a toy to play with, 152 more words


An Open Letter to the Guy Who Led Me On

Dear you,

You came into my life and woke my heart that seemed to be in a stupor. I guess you were the first guy to make me feel special and, well… wanted. 335 more words


It's Your Time: Claim It


When you were born, a seed of greatness was planted in you. It was already predestined that if you follow your heart, you will end up exactly where happiness lives. 275 more words

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