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Flat Mating Issues

It’s just a little crush…

Six weeks ago I moved into my new flat in Brixton after having a complete landlord-nightmare at my old house in Shepherds Bush. 1,472 more words

Thoughts On Page

Day 140 - If You Wish To Go

Seek Your Path

Seek your path

if you wish

go out and find

what you’re searching

for, and along the way

may you come to see… 97 more words


I scroll through our chatbox and something stirs inside me. I know I don’t like you like that anymore–or at least not to the same degree. 764 more words

Random Thoughts

It's Complicated

I guess now would be an appropriate time to admit that I’ve spent the last five years in a complicated relationship with my guitar. Okay, maybe not just one guitar, but, y’know, guitars in general. 483 more words



It take s a long time to become a new being.



and out.

Reprogramming the mind.

Retraining the body.

All the while,

the heart remains the same. 8 more words