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Rest Well Joesh

I guess you can add this to the list of major experiences. Liking someone that died. To be honest, that is one of the most confusing things to experience. 769 more words


Saturday with Love: Memories {2}

I have a vivid memory of me in a ship, with my cousins. It was a sunny afternoon, we’re on our way to our province. I was looking at the ocean, my… 563 more words

Daily Feels

The Summit

The mountain crest
seems so far away
one step
then another
ragged breath
trembling legs
will we make it
to the top?

The journey has been… 60 more words


I'm Not a Monday Person

J’immagine qu’il y a peu de gens qui aiment les Lundis! Surtout avec l’été qui s’installe, ça devient de plus en plus dure pour nous d’être motivée le matin pour se rendre à la job…. 53 more words


To Be Understood

Sometimes, you just want to be understood. You don’t want to explain… you don’t want to pretend… or lie… You don’t want to have to make excuses. 594 more words


Do all men cheat?

Before you comment that “women cheat too”, I’m obviously aware of that. However, my (potentially) romantic dealings are with men.

Why do I ask this question that so many have asked before me? 868 more words