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the pertinent emotion

It’s like a freight train, if you know what I’m saying. It’s like the microscopic life in a drop of pond water. It’s like a deaf bat. 71 more words


He paints His presence daily...

Holy Father of Heaven and of Earth, draw me nearer, so much nearer to you, and the children, dear Lord, yes, draw the children too. Nearer to Thee, oh how we busy ourselves. 1,361 more words

Daily Thoughts And Prayers

A Difficult Subject

This is a really difficult subject to talk about but I feel it’s something I need to get off my chest.

I was seeing this girl who had recently split from a guy we both used to work with. 739 more words



Happiness is something that make you feel all the world is beautiful, so beautiful. You can touch the every single joy of your life, every moment. 113 more words

English Section

~ Holding Sentry ~

~  Holding Sentry  ~

The hawks fly over.

Holding sentry throughout time.

Watching over souls.

Haiku by: Laura Scott ~ March 28, 2015

Take care my dear friends, from Laura <3


Someday My Prince Will Come

Someday my prince will come… but when someday comes, I won’t be dead and needing his kiss, I won’t be asleep and needing his kiss, I won’t be someone needing to be saved. 90 more words

Ren's Literature

Memory Jar | DIY 

I’ve always wanted to do one and I was finally able to do it! So in the beginning of the year I told my fiance that whenever we think about eachother try to write it down and we’ll collect them all in here. 87 more words