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"Human beings can be so goofy." - Grandpa Mel

When my family and I go to see my Grandpa Mel, a lot of the time what we end up doing is sitting in the living room talking, or listening to the grown-ups talk, and petting the dogs, and sitting by the warm fire if it’s wintertime. 308 more words


Play to Grow!

Our two-day religious trip was exhausting. The train journey was a lot of fun for TinTin cause the monkey instinct in her knew no bounds. and she refused to stop jumping from one seat to another. 425 more words

Earth Night: Three Cheritas

I. Primary Pleasures

Earth Day

Missing the show
and forgetting to eat dinner

We instead fed our senses
with the texture of water and trees… 152 more words


Desert dawn

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

“C’mon! It will be worth it.”

“This was a bad idea, Dawn.”

“Oh stop your moaning. Just a few more steps.” 129 more words

Flash Fiction


Not over for me
Shreds of my love still stretching
Hoping to renew


God Is Faithful — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub When God makes a promise, with full assurance it will happen. Although it might not happen on our time schedule, God will fulfill it.

322 more words

The farewell.

I remember your lips

I remember your eyes

And the taste of your kiss

As we said our goodbyes

Do you know as you leave… 16 more words