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Geeking Out Giveaway - The Rebirth!

Hmm. It’s been a while since we did a Geeky Giveaway isn’t it? And I mean a serious, big, chunky, DC toy giveaway. 2,067 more words

DC Comics

Green Lantern Lobo Kicks Dex-Starr (Injustice II)

Lobo’s first act as a Green Lantern is to kick a crazy Red Lantern cat into another star system. lol

From – Injustice 2 #63


Lobo Wearing A Green Lantern Ring (Injustice II)

Lobo, the Main Man, is wearing a Green Lantern ring. Thank you Injustice universe!

From – Injustice 2 #62


Atrocitus Cuts Lobo In Half (Injustice II)

I want to believe they made this as a sly nod to Deadpool 2.

From – Injustice 2 #61


The Titans Meet Lobo (Injustice II)

Guys… we’ve crashed into the testosterone-fueled personification of the 1980’s.

From – Injustice 2 #60


Aw-Qward . . .

From Guy Gardner: Reborn #2, August 1992:

This was after Hal Jordan had kicked Guy out of the Green Lantern Corps, forcing him to find another power source. 56 more words