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Punta Verde Resort 

One of the best place for a broken hearted to go. A place to heal your regrets and pains. A place for your family bonding. A place for nature lover. 233 more words


Lobo The Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta

June 16th, 2016. One fine day. I went to a coffee shop near my place. Did my blogging things alone while waiting for an event later. 1,100 more words

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DC Correctly Chooses Original Lobo for Film

For once, DC has made the smart choice for one of their films on the first try.

In an effort to cash in on the surprising success of…

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A Lobo movie looks to be still in development.

Writer Jason Fuchs has posted an image of the Main Main on his Instagram account including the hashtag: #portraitofabastich. 197 more words

'Wonder Woman' scribe teases 'Lobo' Adaption!!!

After years of kicking around between creative teams, Warner BrosLobo adaptation finally seems poised to make some forward strides. Centered on the titular hyper-violent slightly-psychopathic intergalactic bounty hunter, 196 more words


Hints about the Lobo movie

Jason Fuchs, writer of Pan and the upcoming Wonder woman is helming the as of yet undated Lobo movie for the DCEU.

Lobo is an interesting character, a satire character of sorts, mirroring aspects of several Marvel characters such as Deadpool and Ghostrider. 211 more words


It's hotter than Hooker in Heater, and hotter than Heater in Hellmouth.

      “I just sat there sharpening my bayonet and looking at his feet. I wanted to activate his mind. After awhile he says, ‘Welp, this ain’t workin’ out,’ and he got himself up and he made it all the way back. 837 more words