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Uploading and Setting up your Amazon Ebook – Does SEO Really Matter?

I spend a lot of time looking at other writer´s works. Sometimes I am reading INDIE authors, other times I am surfing around Amazon, looking at what is happening with other writers. 31 more words

Sektor ng SME, malaking tulong sa pagbangon ng ekonomiya, ayon kay Villar

LOBO, Batangas – “Kailangang mapalakas pa natin ang mga Small and Medium Enterprises at matulungan silang maisulong kanilang sector sa pagpapalakas ng ekonomiya ng ating bansa.” 233 more words


Hal Goes Deep Underground in 'Green Lantern' Annual #4

Dark. Brooding. Mysterious. These are the words that describe Batman, not the shining star of law and order that is Green Lantern. Or at least…that used to be the case, before a bunch of the Green Lantern Corps up and popped right out of reality, not to a parallel world or a different dimension, but an entire freaking multiverse that existed before ours. 328 more words


Not Your Momma's Art! 105

Art is what you make of it. My hunger for the so-called 9ième art, the art of telling the most diverse stories combined with the artistic chops of a truly devoted penciller will never be satisfied. 272 more words


Why Have Only 8 DC Comics Been Cancelled?

It was announced a couple days ago that five DC Comics titles: Justice League United, Lobo, Doomed, The Omega Men, and Gotham by Midnight have all been cancelled. 929 more words

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Hope for the Best & Expect the Worst in 'Sinestro' #15

One’s the scariest bounty hunter in the galaxy, the other isn’t scared of anything because he wields fear as a weapon. It’s irresistible force meets immovable object when Lobo finds himself recruited for the Sinestro Corps. 392 more words