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435 - Chibi Lobo (Inktober day 20)

Did I mention I fancied drawing Lobo today?

This time I wanted to try my hand at a chibi version of him.

First up, the rough pencils… I didn’t get too detailed with the hair because I knew that was going to be a freeform job with the ink brushes. 32 more words

1000 Drawings

434 - Lobo (Inktober day 19)

I fancied drawing Lobo today, so I got out my set of the original Lobo comics (with art by Simon Bisley), and got inspired.

I love these books so much. 108 more words

1000 Drawings

Birth Certificate Wrong Entry (Gender) Requirements Part 2

It’s been a month since nagumpisa kong lakarin iyong mga requirements ng Birth Certificate ko. To share you the details, andito iyong iba kong nakuhang information from the offices na pinuntahan ko sa mga requirements na binigay sa akin: 449 more words


NSO Birth Certificate

One of the requirements for the correction of Birth Certificate for wrong entry  is an original NSO Birth Certificate. NSO already had their delivery service for P350 EACH. 203 more words


Some days are golden + A giveaway

I’m a city girl at heart but you know, you get out in the country on a gorgeous afternoon and it’s easy to see its charms. 506 more words


Trained at Tibig

LOBO, Batangas – Part of our application with Green Mountain Tribe is our participation on Training Climb. Prior to our climb, we’re divided into two groups, 1,106 more words


The 18/2/6 Lucian PENTAKILL

The youtuber MCJesperFC who often plays league-games with BroFresco made an awesome (or as he likes to call it – Epic) pentakill earlier today. He was nearly killed by an angry Yasuo, ate the sneaky Shaco who came up behind him, turned around and looked for his last kill – Tryndamere, who was beautifully stunned by the Annie ( 24 more words