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Eh Di Sila Na Lang

Highschool ako nang natuto akong magPhotoshop. Inaral ko kasi kailangan sa ministry. Pero every time na nakakakita ako ng magandang obra ng iba, na-oolats ako. “Masmagaling sila. 403 more words


July 31 in history

30 BC  Battle of Alexandria: Mark Antony achieved a minor victory over Octavian’s forces, but most of his army subsequently deserted, leading to his suicide. 859 more words


Una mirada al hombre lobo.

El hombre lobo o licántropo (de las palabras griegas lycos = lobo y ánthropos = hombre), es uno de los monstruos más curiosos del imaginario colectivo. 1,034 more words


[Press Release] Lobo rejoices for cancellation of mining resolution -ATM

Lobo rejoices for cancellation of mining resolution

Citizens of Lobo, Batangas are currently in celebration after a municipal resolution has been passed cancelling an earlier resolution endorsing the mining project of MRL-Egerthon. 675 more words

Human Rights

Adventures of Superman 464 - Superman vs Lobo in the Fortress of Solitude

Adventures of Superman 464 (March 1990) contains the second installment of the Day of the Krypton Man storyline, by Jurgens and Thibert, which follows events from the previous issue of Superman. 192 more words

DC Comics

I'd love you to take me

As some of my regular readers know, I do occasionally, when the chance arises, dabble in a little story writing. Given the popularity of Amazon (plus the fact 1 book is exclusive to them at present, here’s a link to my stuff… 527 more words

70's Pop

Roadtrip! Big Bend Towns

Having lived in the high desert for over two decades, there’s romantic appeal to be surrounded by what’s also termed “high lonesome”, then to travel out into it. 309 more words