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Discovered Paradise: Lobo, Batangas

Driving by the Yellow Road

The Yellow Brick Road has served Dorothy well. After all, she found the wizard at the end of the yellow road. 1,274 more words


Harley Quinn Gets Billy Batson Out Of School

I believe this fight started Harley’s infatuation with the young Billy Batson.

Notice she named her motorcycle Lobo? Might have something to do with that time she… 9 more words


DC Divergence week 2 reviews

Following on from last week, DC have again provided readers with more sneak peeks at what’s coming up from their publishing line next month. Whilst last week was a mixture on new titles and pre-existing ones, this week is mostly new directions for those already ongoing series. 2,593 more words


Modern Mythologies Special #1 - 100 Articles

Modern Mythologies has hit its latest and, in my opinion, greatest milestone to date – there are now 100 original articles published on this site! 736 more words

Green Lantern

Lobo, Queen of the Island Dogs

Surviving our rough arrival to the island, the next morning I headed out looking for a place that was the paradise we had in our minds. 2,079 more words


No me cuentes cuentos

Hacía un tiempo que Caperucita había pasado a ser Señora de Feroz, pero los niños no llegaban a la gran casa en la que vivían; casa que era de la abuelita, tierna octogenaria, que se encontraba en una segunda juventud desde que partió de interminable “luna de miel” con su leñador favorito (vamos, el único de Bosque Espeso). 141 more words


Action 695 - Cauldron debuts

The cover of Action 695 (Jan. 94) does the kind of thing I hate.  Lobo is featured, as if he is a significant character in the story, by Kesel, Guice and Rodier. 93 more words