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The WestCoast Breeze 11-10-16 Playlist

Lani Hall-Who’s That Guy
Pablo Cruise-That’s When
Pages-Chemistry Future Street
Placa Luminosa-Neon
Leo Sayer-When I Need You
Mac McAnally-Dark Ages
Timothy B. Schmit-The Island
Archie James Cavanaugh-Light Unto The World… 29 more words

Stop Bullying Yourself

Tama na yung araw-araw na pagsasabi sa sarili na:
“HIndi ko kaya”,”Ang pangit ko”,”Ang bobo ko”, “Wala akong alam”, “Wala akong future”, “Sila na lang”…. (and the list goes on). 152 more words


31st of October


Kidding, we didn’t go trick or treatin’ this year. I’d be lying if I told you guys I didn’t want to but we had other fun things done yesterday! 360 more words


435 - Chibi Lobo (Inktober day 20)

Did I mention I fancied drawing Lobo today?

This time I wanted to try my hand at a chibi version of him.

First up, the rough pencils… I didn’t get too detailed with the hair because I knew that was going to be a freeform job with the ink brushes. 32 more words

1000 Drawings

434 - Lobo (Inktober day 19)

I fancied drawing Lobo today, so I got out my set of the original Lobo comics (with art by Simon Bisley), and got inspired.

I love these books so much. 108 more words

1000 Drawings