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Romancing Luzon: Sleep and Dip in Batangas

I was struggling to keep my head up as I ride on the bus heading to Batangas City. It was five in the morning; I didn’t catch a single sleep after work. 923 more words


Lobo, Malabrigo

We (my bestfriend and I )started our day at Alabang South Station boarding a bus bound for Batangas City Grand Terminal. We are to take 3 jeepney rides and 1 more tricycle ride before reaching our destination. 873 more words


July 31 in history

30 BC  Battle of Alexandria: Mark Antony achieved a minor victory over Octavian’s forces, but most of his army subsequently deserted, leading to his suicide. 874 more words


Sing me a song now

Daily Prompt: Elusive.

Now it’s time for you
to sing a song for me.

I would love you to do
what you want me to do.

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Punta Verde Resort 

One of the best place for a broken hearted to go. A place to heal your regrets and pains. A place for your family bonding. A place for nature lover. 233 more words


Lobo The Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta

June 16th, 2016. One fine day. I went to a coffee shop near my place. Did my blogging things alone while waiting for an event later. 1,100 more words

Food And Beverage

DC Correctly Chooses Original Lobo for Film

For once, DC has made the smart choice for one of their films on the first try.

In an effort to cash in on the surprising success of…

268 more words
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