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To Hit or Not to Hit? (Iḍribūhunna Explained)

My article “To Hit or Not to Hit? (Iḍribūhunna Explained)” uses a variety of fonts, images, and languages. Consequently, I posted it in this blog as a set of images. 30 more words


Surah 90: The City

In this blog, I am going to provide an exegesis of the Ninetieth Surah of the Koran. Being a Christian, I bring my Christian background to the text. 4,705 more words


Muslim Prayer Leader at Mosque Arrested for Raping a 5-Year-old Girl

Following in the way of the prophet…

by, Anisur Rahman Swapan | Dhaka Tribune | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

BARISAL, Bangladesh: Police arrested a muezzin of a mosque in Gournadi upazila, Barisal, in the early hours of yesterday for allegedly raping a five-year-old girl.

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A paraphrase- the evidence of the Revealed Book of the Muslims

50- And O Race of Israel! Recollect of that affair which split apart the sea for the sake of Your preservation when your past forefathers had fled for fear of the Pharaoh, the sea was in front and the Pharaoh’s army in the rear. 66 more words



“A declaration of Immunity by Allah and His apostle to the idolaters” 9:1

 This is an actual performative, with the binding of a legal document, by God and God has just called a cease-fire: I don’t think any deity has taken on the role of commander in chief before and it’s amazing how contemporary a lot of these revelations are, it’s almost like they’re not timeless directives but a response to issues going on at the time. 2,372 more words


This recounts the story were Muhammad goes all in at the poker table and plays his two pair. it is win or die, his numbers were 319 strong (there were more believers but they didn’t join the fray as they ‘were reluctant’ to be ‘led to certain death’), he has lost the war to control Mecca, he can slowly die or fight while he has just enough numbers to gain more strength. 1,685 more words

Islam evangelisasie (2)

Ek plaas met erkenning aan die bron (RFPA) ‘n reeks wat gaan oor die verkondiging van die Evangelie van ons Here Jesus Christus aan ons Moslem bure. 1,719 more words