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Yeshua the Nazarene (Essene)

This is a follow-up with more information with respect to my post Nazareth or Nazarene of a couple of days ago.

Additional historical information that I have reviewed (which it appears I read about 5 years ago) based on both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (born 37 AD) who included in his historical writings information on the sects and sub-sects among the Jews of his homeland.  1,039 more words


How Much Proof Do The Pro - Muslims Need?

Sometimes I write about issues with children or parenting that need some explaining. Maybe they are strategies that the parents are not familiar with or need brushing up on. 384 more words

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?

The God Question

I do not know whether there exists some being or entity that could be described as the “creator of the universe”. What is more I do not ever expect to know. 380 more words


Chromosomes and the Koran

Human beings have 46 chromosomes. When a man and woman procreate together, the man contributes 23 chromosomes to their child and the woman contributes 23 chromosomes to the child as well. 693 more words

An American Airlines Pilot’s response to a Muslim doctor’s complaint!
Very well said and worth reading!
Read to the bottom, there also are a Canadian, British and Australian response. 1,820 more words

The consequences of abandoning Christianity

Having abandoned the Bible, British society now finds itself discussing the muslim koran and what it says about the hijab and muslim impact upon public life.  112 more words