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Afghan Muslim Girl Raped by Relative, Jailed for Adultery, Forced to Marry Her Rapist and Now Pregnant With His 3rd Child

Pictured above (from left to right): Gulnaz (left), her daughter (center) and the Muslim Child-Rapist named Asadullah (right.) – Photo courtesy of:

Pregnant with the third child of the man who was once her rapist, accepting a life as his second wife, trapped in his home… 870 more words

Misogyny in the Name of Religion

Perhaps one of the best things about religion is that it can be interpreted different ways depending on who is studying it.  Rules and words within a holy book are typically seen as clear guidelines for the law of the land – dictating what men and women do with themselves and their posterity from day to day.  963 more words


Why We (Still) Can't "Just Get Along": ISIS Texas Aftermath

For many U.S.citizens (and indeed global onlookers), the recent attack at a cartoon/art contest represents a dangerous expansion of a militant religious movement into the American heartland (Garland Texas). 579 more words

Historical Perspectives

Evil Magic of the Idolaters

‘Moloch!’ clip from “Metropolis” 1927

Traditionally, ancient Egypt is associated with “the darkest and strongest magic…” St. Augustine, in De Civitate Dei, wrote that when Moses was born, Atlas, brother of Prometheus, was alive. 776 more words

Islamic Leaders Explain What Sparks Anger

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RICHARDSON(CBSDFW.COM) – Depicting the prophet Muhammad is very insulting to anyone of the Islamic faith.  North Texas Muslims say while not an instruction in the Koran, Mohammad nonetheless was worried followers would worship him.  210 more words


Kenapa Kirim Paket via Kantor Pos Dilarang Pakai Koran?

Baru saja pulang dari Kantor Pos dengan segala kegalauan yang melanda. Paket dengan bungkus koran dan plastik ini ditolak oleh perusahaan milik negara yang dengan suka cita mengantarkan barang atau surat (kalau sahabat pena masih ada). 231 more words