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Rhode Island governor looks to pioneer free tuition for all

PROVIDENCE, R.I. A college-for-all idea that sparked Democratic voter enthusiasm during the presidential race could now be tested in the smallest state. Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo…


Throwback Travel: Icelandic Winter and Meeting the Natives

When we told our friends that we were planning a winter excursion to an island, this statement likely conjured an image of a warm, tropical Carribean island with throngs of tourists all with the same idea – escaping the winter cold. 410 more words


Moyenne Island, The Seychelles

Moyenne is a small island of only 0.089 square kilometres, that was bought by Brendon Grimshaw in 1962 for 8,000 pounds. When Grimshaw died in 2012 he left the island to the national park, along with strict instructions that it must remain a national park and that no hotels may be built on the island… [click to read more]


We're on a boat. 

We were on a boat. A cruise is really a great vacation get away. This wasn’t our first, and it won’t be our last. That’s for sure. 2,020 more words

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