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Why Do We Get Off On The End?

What’s so sexy about disaster?

Dystopian fiction (film and books) are taking off. And I’m excited about this. (See: Why SpecFIc?¬†21 Reasons). Unlike romcoms, thrillers, murder mysteries,¬†Dystopian and Utopian tales have a tendency to take on the world. 916 more words

Borneo Reef World

well here’s another option to enjoy the fun, sea with less sand… visit the Borneo Reef World to enjoy a great combo on being on a pontoon and at the same time still being able to enjoy island facilities. 30 more words

The Return

So it has been barely four days since I’ve returned to my little island and despite the pace being significantly slower than the hectic Toronto lifestyle, I have had a good start. 255 more words

Welcome to the jungle

This Tuesday we are looking at trends. One trend that you will see popping up out and about is the tropical print. The bright patterns and colors let you take a journey without leaving your hometown. 18 more words


So for anyone who doesn’t know me IRL, I was on vacation the past few days. I am still vibin’ on island time so I’m going to take a few days to continue to relax and regroup. See ya soon! :)

That Basic Bitch

Where Can Your Nigerian Passport Take You?

Those with only a Nigerian passport will tell you that traveling can be frustrating. Unlike some of us with the highly desired blue or red passport, with the Nigerian passport you need a visa to travel to most countries. 319 more words