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Writing Prompt Wednesday


Pure or at threat of falling? Her fate is in your hands…

Not unlike real life, one choice determines the future. Is she a seeker, guardian, or a protector, or does her path travel the road to the damned… 6 more words


Top 10 Inspirational Quotes June 2018

Below is a top-ten list of our most liked inspirational quotes in May from our Instagram page and a few facts behind each of these influential people. 796 more words


Words From A Black Girl: A Reintroduction

The Writer

Conversations have always been my thing. Just ask anyone who knows me. Even though  I was naturally curious and always wanted to know  548 more words

A Story Retold

I’ve been wanting to see Come From Away for months, and in a last minute decision my aunt and I decided to go see it tonight- it was incredible!!! 266 more words


Brutal Life Lessons from the Broken Heart. Part – 3

You are one of the billion people living on this planet right now. Even more, people have come before you and will come after you. 442 more words


Angels Around me

 (look closely you can see a transparent figure we believe to be my son's grandpa, who passed away)

Angels around me

Ever since I was a child I have experienced strange things. 221 more words