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Many provinces in the Philippines have epic tales that pre-dates the colonization of the Spaniards. One of this is the Ilokano tale Biag ni Lam-ang (Life of Lam-ang), which is believed to have been written by various poets and passed on from generation to generation. 33 more words



Nakita ka nga nakaplastar nga agiddan

(I saw you already in bed)

Idin tu ta imbagam kanyak iti mariknam

(After which you said to me how you felt) 206 more words


Fun TV stint

As shown in the last post, a video of me speaking the Ilokano language went viral on Facebook. First uploaded on February 28, 2015, by Romulo Mallanao, the video reached 1 million views in March and another 500,000 views in April. 498 more words

GUEST POST: An Ilokano Summer Picnic With Reggie Aspiras

by Eugene Caccam

Summer officially entered my calendar on Thursday, March 12. Despite a panic attack of Russian Syndrome (“Rush yan, rush yan”) in the Workplace, the prodding of the Great Spirit of Ilokano Food led my hands to the Lifestyle Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer; there, for my RSVP, lay open the invitation of the Accomplished Ilokano Master Chef Reggie Aspiras to a picnic of “’Kilawing bangus with salted duck egg’ and other Ilocano summer flavors.” A must-join, I prayerfully muttered to myself amidst the din of mental clutter. 406 more words


Sharing Your Addiction

Before you freak out that this blog is about sniffing cocaine, please calm yourself. This is about nicotine though. Haha!


I was out on that sunny day ranting how unfair the world is. 647 more words




Let me begin with this anecdote of a migrant worker friend whom I met in Hawaii. The man left his wife and two children in the Philippines to work as an engineer in Hawaii. 3,968 more words

Villanelle Kenka, Hawaii

Villanelle Kenka, Hawaii
Lilia Quindoza Santiago

Binallasiwko ti taaw, tinayabko ti tangatang
Dimsaagak a saka-saka ket agbiagak dita dennam
Saan nga iti sanguanam, saan nga iti likudam. 255 more words