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Banaue, Sagada, and Baguio: Our quick three-day adventure

A week length of stay would have been much preferred visiting the mountain provinces of the Philippines, but our three-day tour does not disappoint. On a span of three days, we wandered through the famous attractions in these places, did a whole lot of adventures and were absolutely captivated by the wonders of Philippine nature. 1,405 more words


When We Were Young 

I sometimes look at old people and wonder what were they like in their younger years.


Banaue, Ifugao - A Dream Come True

WARNING: Very loooong intro for this post :)

I have always been wanting to go and see the famous rice terraces of Banaue. I remember staring at the black and white picture of it on my Sibika at Kultura book when I was in primary school. 1,336 more words


BANAUE: The land of stunning terraced hillsides (TRAVEL GUIDE)

Many might  be asking how this amazing rice terraces were formed. If only our ancestors can talk and tell us a story on how this stunningly beautiful rice terraces’ rich history I will definitely sit down and listen. 494 more words