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Banaue: Simple yet Spectacular

Banaue is located in Ifugao, another province in northern Luzon. It houses the majestically spectacular man-made Rice Terraces Or the Hagdan Hagdang Palayan in tagalog. It is often called by Filipinos as the 8th wonder of the World. 459 more words

Banaue Ifugao

Landscape (Part 2)

Photography 101 Assignment 15: Landscape & Cropping

An ancient structure

The eight wonder of the world

Stairway to heaven


The Sagada Saga: All the Way to Banaue

Sagada, a backpacker’s haven to the north of Manila, is getting all the raves these past few months, thanks to the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”. 345 more words


Web of Rice

Banaue and Hungduan, Ifugao, the Philippines

February 28, 2015

Who would travel ten hours by bus to Banaue only to miss seeing the postcard-famous Batad Rice Terraces? 1,124 more words


Banaue Rice Terraces

The Banaue rice terraces in Luzon, Northern Philippines, are an UNESCO world heritage site. Dating back centuries they are a system of irrigation and terraces cut into the mountainside that allows the growing of rice on the steep mountainous terrain of the Philippine Cordillera. 34 more words



When I first started my research, I went on YouTube and typed “Igorot music”. I did a freestyle research without any formula to see how far it would get me. 140 more words

As Lovely as a Bee

Taken one morning from a restaurant’s window in Banaue, Ifugao after breakfast and before our 2-hour trip to Batad begins.