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Banaue Rice Terraces

My version of the 8th Wonder of the World: The Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao Mountain Province, Philippines

Camera: Nikon D5200, Lens: Nikkor 18-55 mm



A city in the mountains, with cool air and warm people. Each rice terrace tells its own story of labor and love.

Banaue, Ifugao
25 September 2013


Landslide on the terraces

Carved out of the Ifugao hillsides in the Philippines, these rice terraces stretch like steps to the heavens which change colors during rainy and dry seasons. 67 more words

The Journey is the Reward: Ifugao Rice Terraces

The northern regions of the Philippines are home to the nation’s only “cool” weather, where winding roads bring views of endless mountain ridges and the ocean is no where to be seen. 729 more words

BATAD Rice Terraces: amphitheater fit for the gods

Whenever I reminisce my Ifugao province memories, there is one experience that instantly pops out from my consciousness, it is my Batad Rice Terraces adventure. It was November 2014 when me and my longtime travel buddy, Ella, visited this beautiful place. 1,813 more words

The small secluded town of Batad

Our good friend and partner Alliah Benederio from the local t-shirt design company Apposite shares her experience, tips, and itinerary to us. 485 more words


HAPAO Rice Terraces: a UNESCO Heritage site

The Hapao Rice Terraces is one of the five sites in Ifugao included in the UNESCO World Heritage list under cultural landscape category. It is located in the municipality of Hungduan and is about approximately an hour away from Banaue. 836 more words