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Stairway to Heaven

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Northern Luzon, Philippines.

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On to the Highlands: Banaue, Ifugao

Because being spontaneous is great. :)

One weekend i’ve hauled my friend’s butt again to accompany me up north, wanted to do it solo but since i’ve been meaning for her to conquer something out of her comfort zone so i tagged her along in this trip. 111 more words


The Philippines: A Paradise- Ifugao

I have been posting a lot about nails lately and have not really filled up the other categories of my blog. So here I am guys, writing about the adventure I had. 1,666 more words

SNAPSHOT: Mt. Napulauan (2642+MASL)

It is the highest mountain in the province of Ifugao and the 15th highest in the country, and is also part of the Great Cordillera Traverses. 173 more words


SNAPSHOT: Batad Rice Terraces

Tucked within the only landlocked region in the country, the Batad Rice Terraces manifests the ancient engineering skill and ingenuity of the resilient Ifugao people. This massive stone walled terraces rising like stairways to heaven are carved out from the mountain sides and resembles an ampitheater. 177 more words


Pullin' Off that Pulag Pool

Mountain hiking is so appreciated nowadays that I myself felt the urge to climb the highest peak in Luzon. Towering at 2,922m AMSL, climbing Mt. Pulag is no joke. 1,755 more words


Don't Tell my Mom that I Almost Died while Hiking in Batad

Hiking Batad Rice Terraces is one of the reasons why I went back to Ifugao early this year with Kate.  We were trying to decide if we should go for an overnight stay or just a day tour. 454 more words

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