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FIFA Corruption Crisis and the Israel Vote*

FIFA Corruption Crisis and the Israel Vote*

By Geoff Lee

The FIFA corruption crisis came just as its annual congress was due to debate a motion calling for Israel to be suspended from world football. 1,499 more words


Reshoring: Myth or Reality?

Reshoring: Myth or Reality?
Source: IBISWorld

For decades, US companies in the manufacturing sector have increasingly sought to cut costs and improve profitability by offshoring and offshore outsourcing operations.

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Cyber-Attack Warning: Could Hackers Bring Down a Plane?

Hack In The Box

Hugo Teso spent years searching for network vulnerabilities in passenger aircraft. He found plenty.

By Marcel Rosenbach and Gerald Traufetter

For years, hackers have been warning that passenger jets are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 684 more words


"Healthy" Fast Food? HAH

People who are trying to watch their weight tend to think these “healthy” meals fast food places have available are better than eating the cheesy carb filled filler burgers or sandwiches. 78 more words

Fast Food


In the past week the Making Healthier Choices Act was passed, requiring any fast food in the province of Ontario, Canada to display the numbers of calories of each meal on their menu. 35 more words

Fast Food

Global Education

Today was very interesting in school. We had workshop which name was “Global Education” and basically the man was guiding me and my class through the subjects such as: poverty, poor South and rich North, what can we do to prevent the exploitation of workers on plantations, the collocation of people and distribution of food in the world… 281 more words


Corporations shell out $1.2mn in Senate contributions to fast-track TPP

RT | May 28, 2015

Records from the Federal Election Commission show corporations have been donating tens of thousands of dollars to Senate campaign coffers, particularly to lawmakers who were undecided over a controversial trade deal involving Pacific Rim countries.

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