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'Away Days' and the Futility of the Modern Super Video

Intended for publication on Jenkem Mag//

Every year has its major video — the trendsetter, the end-all, be-all, the special-edition DVD with a coinciding iTunes release. 1,294 more words

Andrew Murrell

Liberal Antiwar Activism is the Problem

by Vincent Emanuele, writer for teleSUR English and  Michigan City, Indiana resident. He can be reached at

I have reproduced Vincent’s compelling poelmic, which appeared on… 1,856 more words


WhatsApp and Facebook Data Sharing*

WhatsApp and Facebook Data Sharing*

By Andrew Griffin

Facebook is going to start hoovering up your WhatsApp data and using it for ads. Unless you tell it not to. 360 more words


The Fed: Myths vs. Reality

Traders, bloggers, media talking heads, and pundits of all stripes went into a feverish sweat as they anticipated the comments of Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen at the annual economic summit held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 1,146 more words

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milk: the new crude oil?

NPR’s The Salt, on why the USDA is purchasing $20,000 worth of cheese to help US dairy farmers– and why it doesn’t really make a difference to the big dairy industry. 53 more words

Hybrid Landscapes – From Posthistoric to Posthuman

by Kingsley L. Dennis, Guest, Waking Times

“The collective psyche seems to be in the grip of a powerful archetypal dynamic in which the long-alienated modern mind is breaking through, out of the contractions of its birth process, out of what Blake called its “mind-forg’d manacles,” to rediscover its intimate relationship with nature and the larger cosmos.”

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