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The Awakening

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Well, it seems our goober HillBillies have fucked up a wet dream (again). That HillBilly is barely edging out Trump (and in some polls trailing), is a testament to her inability to lead. 806 more words

Definitions Are Subjective

What is Genius?
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Globalism Establishment Starts to Sweat as their Regime Begins to Crumble

These three articles appeared in the news a couple of days ago almost simultaneously in the wake of the Republican convention.

In this first article… 450 more words


A Manifesto for Corporate Leadership

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I’m in Philadelphia this morning, but rather than dwell on the Democratic convention, I want to focus on what it symbolizes. We live in a time of unprecedented prosperity – the last two decades have seen more people around the globe lifted out of poverty than at any time in human history. 331 more words


openDemocracy published yesterday a little interview with US labour leader Cathy Feingold. There are problems with the supply chains that make up our global economy, she says, and that these problems are serious governance gaps that create for workers – especially for migrants, homeworkers, and women – situations where no amount of working can support an acceptable quality of life. 570 more words


Insurers cannot afford to wait for rising interest rates to shift gears

Sam Friedman, Insurance Research Leader, Deloitte Services LP, July 20, 2016

In “Waiting for Godot,” the absurdist play by Samuel Beckett, two men wait endlessly and ultimately in vain for the title character to arrive. 1,157 more words

Deloitte Center For Financial Services

The World We’re Giving to Future Generations

Syrian refugee children walk outside their tents at a refugee camp in Lebanon. (AP Photo / Bilal Hussein)

New strains of the global destabilization have taken ahold and we are continuing to damage the future in ways hard to assess. 839 more words