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Thousands of Fake Ballot Slips Found Marked for Hillary Clinton*

Thousands of Fake Ballot Slips Found Marked for Hillary Clinton*

Reports are emerging that “tens of thousands” of fraudulent ballot slips have been found in a downtown Columbus, Ohio warehouse, and… 404 more words


Those Burgers Aren't Just Making Us Fat—They're Messing With Our Immune Systems, Too

image edited by Web Investigator

New research reveals that high-fat diets can impair memory and make our immune systems attack our own bodies.

By Lucy Goodchild Van Hilten… 812 more words


Is Everything A Conspiracy?

Posted By: Martin Higgins

It’s a question often asked of the conspiratorially minded, born from an irritation with the modern tendency to question every event and its mainstream media account. 415 more words


Smartphones are distracting us to death—but we can fight back

A photo from Eric Pickersgill’s “Removed” series.

By Wallace Witkowski

‘We’re not communicating anymore—just connecting’

As the World Wide Web has become a staple of modern life over the last 25 years, we’ve used it in ways that have forever changed our relationships with people and information. 678 more words


Music and Resistance

“Life imitated art in early 1980 when South African school children, fed up with an inferior apartheid-era education system, took to chanting the lyrics of… 181 more words

Introduction of Economic Globalization in China

As we all know that China’s economic growth has an extraordinary achievement and is getting bigger and stronger from the evident in its GDP growth. To understand China’s economic reform and progress since 1978, one may focus on two aspects i.e. 792 more words