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Quality of Life Standardization/Globalization

Analogous Era:mid 20th century standard of living, Electrical Age
Genre:Urban/Dungeon Punk
Power-electric generator/motor, solar cells, wind turbine, geothermal springs, alchemical reactors, few nuclear reactors… 630 more words

Arcane Realm

The Sacred Geometry of Consciousness*

The Sacred Geometry of Consciousness*

Those that seek to control us know that the key to who we really are, and what is within us to become is embedded in our hearts, our souls, our bodies, our environment and all nature above and below. 232 more words


Other Watersheds 14

Technically, I’ve never finished my posts on watersheds 12 and 13 . . .  the troves of photos from those places have simply been preserved by photos that followed and those stories remain to be finished . 223 more words


Want to Expand Globally? Gauge Your Audience Before You Engage

The potential to generate demand and grow revenue in global markets is staggering—in fact, research shows 40-50 percent of revenue for large companies comes from outside the U.S. 468 more words

Globalization Management