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Air pollution is damaging children’s brains before they are even born

Brain image (Shutterstock)

By Frank Kelly, King’s College London and Julia Kelly, King’s College London

Exposure to air pollutants during pregnancy may contribute to childhood abnormalities in the brain, … 579 more words


This Is Absolutely Terrifying: “There Are Really Only Two Big Patches of Intact Forest Left on Earth”

Alias 0591 (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Lindsay Abrams writes at Salon:

Can a forest that exists only in the spaces between roads and patches cleared for human settlement and agricultural development truly be called a forest? 361 more words


Call for Papers: Biomedical Bodies and the Enactment of Rights in Globalization

This is a call for  papers for a panel at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association which will be held from 18-22 November in Denver, Colorado… 363 more words


Henry David Thoreau describes globalization in 1854

I’ve heard it said that the sign of a brilliant thinker is that their ideas become truer over time. I’m not sure if this notion could be applied to all types of ideas or subject areas, but it seems to be lucidly confirmed on every page of Henry David Thoreau’s… 154 more words

Economic Globalization

A Walk around my Neighborhood: Ñuñoa

The country of Chile certainly has its fair share of awesome places to check out. From the dry, arid landscape of the Atacama Desert in the North to breathtaking mountain views in Patagonia in the South to Moai statues and crystal clear water on Easter Island, Chile has it all. 1,803 more words