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Castration of a Nation

Castration of a Nation

— Opinion by Bass Manski — Share if you Agree —

I’ve started perusing European Union law and policies which supersede, or trump, the laws of the individual member countries.  271 more words


UPDATES on the Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

A new leak has been released by the CIA’s Washington Post which claims Jeff Sessions discussed Trump-related campaign issues with the Russian ambassador back during the election. 1,577 more words

Scott Creighton

“Electronic Money” under “The One World Order” (OWO): Are We Becoming Western Money Slaves? Solutions? “Resistance Economy”, “De-Dollarization”, “De-Globalization”

Electronic money, a cashless society, is perhaps the ultimate and most direct means of the New World Order (NWO), also called One World Order (OWO), to control us all via its financial system. 2,046 more words


Building Learning Organizations


  1. Explain What is a Learning Organization
  2. Define a Learning Organization
  3. Explain Why Build a Learning Organization
  4. Explain List the Characteristics of a Learning Organization…
  5. 3,046 more words

Global sand shortage due to development

Jenna Ladd | July 21, 2017

After a day at the beach, you’ll find sand lingering in all the wrong places: between the pages of your book, wrapped up in beach towels, and cemented to bathing suits.  403 more words

Water Quality