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Taiwan is Growing Up

Today, I was caught slightly off guard.  Candy, one of our students, was sitting in the kitchen area of the bushiban while I was doing the washing up, and she helpfully brought a plate and bowls over to the counter.  587 more words

"Why India's cotton farmers are killing themselves"

“Why India’s cotton farmers are killing themselves” April 20, 2015. By Sugam Pokharel.

This CNN article brings awareness to troubles of cotton farmers in Vidarbha, India, and what is driving them to commit suicide. 197 more words

Hey, what about yesterday?

I am astonished by what‘s going on around me; disturbed, worried, scared.

I stand in wonder while trying to imagine how our lives will be few years from today; but first, let’s start by looking back at our lives only few years ago. 757 more words


Greek Neo-Nazi Party Trial Begins On Hitler's Birthday*

Greek Neo-Nazi Party Trial Begins On Hitler’s Birthday*

In a special built courtroom and under draconian security measures, one of Greece’s most important political trials against current and former MPs and members of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn started on Monday morning. 759 more words


Honors 11: Barber and Kincaid

We spent the first portion of the hour delving into the chapter of A Small Place by Kincaid we read over the weekend. We talked about tourism and whether or not it is problematic entity or a controversial issue. 106 more words

Honors 11

Scientists warn of supervolcano that could destroy humanity, urge global governance to prepare

Mount Redoubt Eruption on April 21, 1990 – USGS

A report presented by experts at a leading scientific foundation details the possibility of a supervolcano that could return humanity to a pre-civilization state, urges global community to prepare… 541 more words