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Bombay Brasserie is back

Bombay Brasserie was one of our very frequented restaurants some years back and then it closed its doors to Pune which left us disappointed and now its back with a bang, swanky interiors, a superb vibe, attentive and friendly staff, excellent beverages and delicious food makes it a blockbuster package. 277 more words

Caffeine, Cows, and my Companion for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving break, I am spending time with family and friends, baking, and forcing myself to take a deep breath and relax!

One of my friends who I met at Drexel (Go Dragons!) is staying with us for Thanksgiving. 217 more words

Pizza is the best medicine

Everyday we had the same routine; getting up at 10 AM, take a shower in the sink (from the beginning we had been told that there would be a shower; everyone was talking excited about it, but we had to conclude that it unfortunately was a myth), get a burned cop of coffee from the two Polish ladies who worked in the cantina (which we immediately tried to make friends with since with Malika and I had watched ‘Orange Is the New Black’).We would skip breakfast though, since it contained a couple of pieces of tasteless cheese and some very dry and hard bread, which the Norwegian guy who turned out to work here after all called Auschwitz bread. 467 more words



Hello friends! I just wanted to make a quick slapped up and tapped together post as I come in from work to wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! 19 more words


Thanksgiving Ramen

Today Kosato was really really really craving ramen, so we went to Tetsuya for lunch. It’s certainly been awhile since we’ve gone out to eat ramen, so what better time to go than on Thanksgiving! 91 more words