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Oats & Vermicelli Pancake

Post child birth, all a woman wants is to get back in shape. However, she is left with very little time for herself and thus, eating right bacomes the only key to fitness. 294 more words


Soup aka Sopa

Guajillo’s has a smoky, vegetarian-friendly “sopa azteca”. Tortilla strips, queso blanco and avocado slices in an ancho chile broth makes it really tasty and not a typical sopa I’ve found at any other Mexican restaurant in San Antonio.

I’ll be back…



I drove by a local doughnut shop in Cranston yesterday morning and decided on a whim to pick up a dozen to bring into the office. 10 more words


Foodie Friday

Fast Food has recently started a new trend of removing ingredients and additives from there menus. This is what foodies has to say:
“They’re going to change the ingredients in the food they’re making themselves. 42 more words

Fast Food



2.Dark Chocolate.

The Best! 7 more words


Religion and Museums


I am not always a fan of organized religion (err..what is a disorganized religion?!), mostly because of the amount of zealots and fanatics that use religion as a shield and weapon. 838 more words


Family Times: Washington Heights [5/24/15]

NEW SERIES: My happiness is directly connected to my family. Their happiness is the fabrication of everything that is in my life and the reasons for my decisions. 533 more words

New York City