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Cooking Project: Schnitzel

I have been cooking up a storm this last few weeks – Spring has sprung and now that the evenings are getting longer I’m more motivated to do things when I get home from work. 498 more words


Day 13- a tiny update



Day 13 out of 33

Another late update, whoops (I’ll try and improve, sorry). So today I tried out the fasting window and I ate quite a lot- I had a salad and a bunch of peanuts and other nuts for lunch and then for dinner I have some nyoki with tomato sauce and some falafel in pita. 204 more words

Intermittent Fasting

Eating well: Minimal cost, maximum nutrition (part II)

(DISCLAIMER: this is not vegan friendly, and won’t comply to a banting diet either. It is, however, suitable for vegetarians and pescatarians, as well as for anyone who has a lactose intolerance) 381 more words


Sunday Afternoon Whisky

When I was planning this blog, several friends expressed an interest to learn more about whisky. My first thought was to organize a tasting for them, as that is the best way to experience whisky. 583 more words


A Green Smoothie for the Broke Girl.

We’ve all been there…

Boredom > scrolling through blogs on the Internet > following links to health food websites > discovering recipes called “green goddess smoothies” > deciding that all you’ve ever wanted in life is to be a green goddess > realizing that one serving of said smoothie has half a paycheck’s worth of produce in it > coming to terms with being more of a brown cereal type of gal rather than a green goddess smoothie drinker… 328 more words

Madrid | Touring and tapas

Next in my series of travel-packed weekends was a trip to Madrid to celebrate a friend’s 21st. It was a fab way to explore a new city and we stayed in a lovely Airbnb in the Moratalaz neighbourhood, slightly east of the centre. 1,358 more words