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Asian Zucchini Noodle Salad Recipe

So I made this recipe today, after getting this zucchini-noodle maker. (It’s apparently called a spiralizer.) It works moderately well, with some drawbacks: it doesn’t quite finish the zucchini and an uncut small-diameter core is left (but easily chopped for the salad). 123 more words


Quick One Bowl Banana Bread

For those who hate baking yet want some home baked goods, this recipe is for you. It took me about 15 minutes to make from grabbing the ingredients to putting it in the oven. 174 more words


Taking bites of other people's food for fun and profit

  I’ve decided to become a food tester. By that I don’t mean someone who works at a company, tasting their new products. I mean I want to start a service for people where I take a bite of their meal to see if the taste is adequate. 320 more words


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Description From Photographer if Any:

Returning from a photo session in the Eastern Townships in Quebec, I have met two very friendly people. 37 more words


Garden on the Go! The Transportable Aquaponics Greenhouse from SchoolGrown

SchoolGrown will be at the 1st Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire to let visitors learn all about their Transportable Aquaponics Greenhouse (TAG). Created by acclaimed aquaponics system designer, Jon Parr, TAG is a 7 x 8 foot greenhouse with an aquaponics system on top of a small trailer. 135 more words

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