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New York - Momofuku Noodle Bar & Fuku

For our last evening in New York, K and I decided to go for comfort food by getting some buns and a bowl of noodles. I also had wanted to try the new Fuku fried chicken sandwich shop a few doors down. 167 more words


Burger King\^'^/

It hasn’t been around for too long but what can I say – Ain’t no place better than home itself. Gotta love it!


Family Life: Sharing Meals

As the Moroccans are friendly by nature, you can expect that as a visitor, you may be invited as an honoured guest to join a local family in their meals.  264 more words


daily moments - week 39

I got the chance to leave the town for a few days sans kids and husband. I met a few friends in New Orleans. It was so nice to get out and what a neat city. 97 more words


Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

Part of my journey in my mental health recovery is working out and eating well. I’m really bad about cooking – I love to do it but I’m so so lazy, so I’m always looking for yummy, fun recipes to try. 200 more words



I’ve been putting off this post for days because there is a new change to my diet I want to make and I’m not sure I can follow through soI didn’t want to post it and committ myself. 186 more words