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The Birthday!

So we celebrate Rosie’s birthday a couple of months ago. We drank blue champagne, went out a bar. Drama also happened. But the bar, in Asbury Park, gives you pizza once you buy a drink. 18 more words


Chinese Restaurants

My family went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch on Sunday. We had Yum Cha and the food was delicious. I ate quite a lot of food so I’m feeling quite full. 24 more words

Halab Restaurant

What’s up, guys? It has been too long – too long! The past few weeks has been hectic! So many deadlines to meet and plus, coming home late everyday has been one of the factors for being on hiatus. 260 more words

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Chocolate Cupcake

Treat the chocolate lovers with this delicious chocolate cupcake – a perfect baked dessert.



Chocolate Shards


tablespoons dark chocolate chips (1 oz)


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