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Pyro Relaunch!

Pyro just recently re-opened their doors with bigger dishes and new flavors. Pyro is an Asian Fusion Restaurant here in Davao City with a menu that’s pretty overwhelming that you’ll get second-thoughts at first, but when you get to try their dishes, you’ll regret having such second-thoughts. 245 more words


hungarian food: paprikáskrumpli

before i talk about the last few days at the hungarian countryside / my grandmas house i’m going to share the recipe of my first lunch i had there – paprikáskrumpli. 488 more words


Pasta salad with cold tomato-bell pepper sauce

2 servings; 10 min preparation; 15 min cooking time.

Pasta does not always need to be served with heavy sauces and a lot of cheese. Sometimes we can celebrate the pure taste of the raw vegetables. 214 more words

Food Blogging

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From the Founder & CEO:

First of all, I just want to give a huge thanks to all of you out there who are our readers, writers, users, followers, subscribers, and writers out there! 217 more words


Homemade chocolates

Hello! This Sunday is wonderful (it will be so)! I’m sitting on the bed with tea in my hands and enjoying my homemade chocolates) Yesterday I tried to make them. 176 more words


How expats can have a healthy diet in Dubai

Dubai’s flourishing international status as an expat – not to mention tourist – hotspot means that healthy eating is on the rise, with vegetarian restaurants, vegan cafés, organic food stores and healthy food delivery services operating across the city. 1,033 more words