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In honor of today’s celebrations of friends, family, and food, a Thanksgiving WordBowl Story:

While Christmas preparations commenced in earnest while we were still polishing off leftover Turkey sandwiches oozing with cranberry-slathered stuffing, Thanksgiving itself seemed to sneak up upon us. 645 more words

Beetroot and Chickpea soup

(Serves 2)

Estimated cost – £1.70

Appologies that my attempt to clean the bowl after doing a saucepan-to-bowl pour didn’t go quite as well as I originally thought. 269 more words


~Honey Rolls~

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone today! I’m sure we are all in the full cooking swing today, and since last night. My family enjoys picking their own tasks to make up the whole meal. 446 more words


The Heaviness of Gratitude and the Lightness of Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving Day and this year, as every year, there’s plenty going on in the world to make a girl feel grateful for the basics of food and shelter and the peace of living somewhere that’s unlikely to be bombed. 1,282 more words

Christmas and Food.

“The weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful…”

Christmas season is upon us and for the first time in many years, I am looking forward to going home and seeing everyone. 112 more words


Turkey Day is upon us

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thank you for following and reading my blog. Last year, Chicago had snow on Thanksgiving and today we’re getting buckets of rain, but the house is warm with the smell of food. 10 more words