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Horizon in Sahara

Never have I had really imagined getting the chance to visit one of the coolest places on the planet, Africa. There are too many throws back in my life and I do miss every single of these moments.  475 more words


Cafehopping: Koone

Back with more JB cafehopping adventures! This time, it’s something very simple – Ice-Cream! I love having ice-cream! Especially since we live in a country that’s warm and humid all year round. 376 more words


Sewjourn - part 1

It’s time for a Sewjourn!

I came up with Maree late on Thursday afternoon but some of the girls had come up earlier, via Patch n Quilt… 315 more words

Week 2

So, last weekend I was very sick with a cough and what they called a “nose flu.” I didn’t do anything last Saturday and I plan on doing nothing tomorrow. 1,176 more words


Garden and Sausage Spirals

I love to bake and cook. Lately it’s been more challenging as I find myself wanting to introduce healthy ingredients into our family’s diet. From everything I’ve read, toddlers have three main food groups; candy, carbs, and fruit. 373 more words