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#GerifiedPH: Kenwood just made History!

I gave out my name and a security personnel confirmed my identity. They opened the gates and gestured me to enter. Inside was a front-man in white uniform holding a white umbrella. 342 more words


I can't think of a good title, but I ran 7 miles today, took a nap, and ate pancakes.

I woke up from a nap, which was taken after indulging in Bon Ton’s, which was eaten after completing 7 frick’n miles early this morning! 880 more words


Final Days on the Job

In which, my supervisor, whom I have grown quite close to, took me to a Korean chicken feet restaurant where we ate spicy chicken feet, egg, and pork cartilage, and drank shoju and maekgolli until we couldn’t any more. 611 more words

Winter/summer holiday

Hi there!

So, as many other bloggers I’ve taken some time off during summer/winter holiday. Here in Brazil it’s actually winter now, but when it’s 25 degrees and sunny I find that hard to believe. 365 more words


What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery? 

How much is the lottery these days? Fifty million? One hundred million? I’m sure that the Euro millions was once over one hundred million! In any case, winning the lottery would obviously be any regular working to middle class person’s wildest dream come true. 474 more words

Food - Touchwood

480 Bridge Road
Richmond 3121 Vic

Bridge Road, Richmond was once a bustling hive of activity, lined with some of the best shops Melbourne had to offer. 506 more words