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Makamisa: Ang Pangatlong Nobela ni Rizal

Ang pangatlong nobela ni Rizal na Makamisa ay sinasabing karugtong ng El Filibusterismo. Ang Makamisa, hindi tulad sa dalawang naunang nobela ni Rizal, ay mas naipakita rito ang epekto ng labis na kapangyarihan ng simbahan sa buhay ng bawat tao. 226 more words


today's birthday: José Rizal (1861) ("thinkers are even more dangeroeus when whey write!")

José Rizal (1861)

Rizal was a Philippine nationalist, author, poet, and physician. While living in Europe, he published novels railing against the evils of Spanish rule in the Philippines, earning him the ire of officials there. 86 more words

"El Filibusterismo"

“El Filibusterismo” was the sequel of the novel “Noli Me Tangere” written by Dr. Jose Rizal. Through the years, this novel just like its predecessor, had produced several versions both in text and illustrated (comic books) novel formats. 700 more words

Featured Character: Simoun

Oh, Simoun! We take a boat ride back in time to meet one of the most memorable characters of 19th century Philippine literature, our Featured Book Character this week. 581 more words

Featured Character