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Sunday Spotlight: Filipino Literature

The month of April is National Literature Month in the Philippines or #BuwanNgPanitikan and in its honor, I thought of doing this Sunday’s feature on the literary work of Filipinos. 622 more words


Not The Andres Bonifacio You Knew

From the time Philippine history was introduced as a subject, Katipunan’s Andres Bonifacio was portrayed as an uneducated, hot headed, and poor commoner who had enough of the Spanish abuse, reason why he went at arms with them (prematurely) in 1896. 696 more words


January Filipino Storybooks: A Sneak Peek into Our Culture

As a girl born and raised in the Philippines, I have decided to add in some remnants of our very own culture – the Filipino storybooks! 279 more words


Padre Salvi

Magandang hapon. Buenos Tardes!
Good afternoon sa Ingles!
Si Padre Damaso?
Siya ang hanap niyo?

Wala. Ako ang bago.
Bagong kura ng San Diego.
Ako si Padre Salvi. 267 more words

PETA's Noli Fili Dekada Dos Mil is a Must See Play of Our Dark Times

September 10, 2015
PETA Theater Center

Written by: Dr. Nick Tiongson
Directed by: Soxy Topacio