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All in Time

I have a good ear for timing in music. This arose largely because I hardly ever practiced the tuba, my main instrument, outside of official rehearsals. 535 more words

Video games improve cognitive ability

Games can be used as tools to improve our attention, mood, cognitive strengths and relationships. Recent studies have shown that people who play video games outperform those that do not in cognitive tests. 116 more words

Dota 2 (Short)

8/10 This game is one of the best made Moba( Multiplayer Online battle arena) games and has a huge community. The game play is fun and every game is aggravating but still fun. 90 more words


Indie Games Should Never Replace Mods

It seems natural that former mod makers would transition to the more powerful indie development tools available these days and their creations would only benefit as a result. 1,173 more words

Counter Strike

Windranger Guide


Lyralei, the Windrunner.

You are on a good way but notice you will need to practice a lot to play Windrunner effectively. Due to her spells which 2 of them are really hard to always land. 3,278 more words




Meat Hook

– Did you ever play with an ally who overextended all the time and you just knew he is goin to feed the enemy carry if he stands in this position? 4,681 more words


First 'Warcraft' Trailer Battles Ahead

Universal Pictures and Legendary have released the first trailer for “Warcraft” an epic adventure of world-colliding conflict based on Blizzard Entertainment’s global phenomenon. The trailer may be viewed here: 145 more words