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Man Who's Being Tagged As "DOTA Boy" Is Now A CPA! MUST READ!

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It is for real that a lot of people say that getting addicted to video games is not really healthy for students because it might consume the time that the students should be spending studying. 7 more words

How important is MMR?

MMR has been a hot topic for as long as it’s been introduced and as of recent, a way for players to explode into the pro scene. 60 more words


What comes to mind when one thinks of the word sport? Teams, stars, money, stadiums, and fans are all parts of the sports experience. Football certainly has these things, same for baseball, and basketball. 859 more words


Basic Dota 2

Apa Sih Sebenarnya Dota 2 ni ?

menurut Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia, Dota 2 adalah sebuah permainan multiplayer online battle arena, merupakan sekuel dari Defense of the Ancients… 220 more words


The Initial Aftermath of 6.87, An in depth look at Axe

6.87 seemed like a very mild patch when I first looked at it but now, upon playing many pub matches and getting destroyed by Axe in almost every single one of them, I have decided that it changed quite a lot for the early game beast. 220 more words

Should I Future-Proof My Gaming PC?

Glorious PC Master Race is full of people who love their PC’s and gaming. This booming market has gotten a lot of people into PC gaming, such as myself, but coming from a console we have a lot of learning curves. 1,373 more words