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Dota Gets Even More Competitive

The Dota Major Championships are an annual series of four marquee tournaments. This also includes The International that players are accustomed to. The three additional tournaments however will be, Valve-sponsored events hosted by third-party organizers at different locations around the world. 145 more words


Video Game Varsity Athletes Need to Be More of A "Thing"

“I have practice” has a new meaning. All those hours spent after school (or after work) and on the weekends leveling up your character in World of Warcraft or creating an impenetrable defense in Starcraft could soon be more than a hobby for college students. 615 more words


ESPN to air Heroes of the Storm (Dorm)!

If you haven’t been lucky enough to play Heroes of the Storm, then now is your chance to watch it live on TV (or online… 249 more words


What is dota 2? Your Answer is Here.

If your parents, relatives, friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend ever ask you this question.

1)Dota fun meh? Why you always play o?

2)Why you always play dota, when you grown up it won’t help you in your life also? 574 more words


3 hero Dota favorite Admin


sniper kalo udh dapet ulti enak kalo musuh nyawa tinggal dikit langsung ulti (klik R), mati. 31 more words


Why is Heroes of the Swarm (STORM) so F'in Good?

This game is so well done words can’t describe the excitement I am feeling right now.  I have been waiting for this moment MY ENTIRE LIFE!!   113 more words


Concept: DotA2 Gem of True Sight Desk Lamp

This was just a simple idea I started in December. It was going to just be a sculpture but eventually evolved into a full blown desk lamp idea. 27 more words

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