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To DOTA. Or To LOL. That is the Question!

It’s Friday Friday Friday. And its time to squad up and pwn some noobs. The outcome is not in question, it’s the delivery method. Do you go classic gamer mode with Defense of the Ancients (DOTA dos if you didn’t know) or open up to modern times and dip your feet into the League of Legends (LOL) arena. 744 more words


The MOBA Experiment, Part I: Awesomenauts

I’m not a particular fan of MOBA games. I’ve tried at different points in time: League of Legends, Dota 2, and Guardians of Middle-Earth, neither have really grabbed me. 1,084 more words

Game Design

DotA 2: Dota Pit League Season 5 Power Rankings and Notable Matchups

After ESL One Genting, we definitely have DPL Season 5 on our radar. It’s still pretty early into patch 7.00/7.01, so we can’t wait to see how the pros play around the new changes. 1,675 more words


China's 2016 World Electronic Sports Games Were Lit


China has been building ghost cities, constructing man-made islands in the Pacific, and more recently diving head-first into the world of competitive gaming. 704 more words


TOP 5 MOBA Games for PC: 2017

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena has garnered loads of attention in recent time. With many MOBAs popping up, we pick our Top 5 MOBA Games for PC. 587 more words


¿Qué tan adicto sos a League of Legends?

Esto es algo muy interesante que encontré en una página de internet, y que me decidí a traducir para que quede a disponibilidad de la gente de habla hispana. 809 more words