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Wheels against Tinker, who would've thought!

Star Ladder Star Series Season 12
Stage 2 Grand Finals

Wheel Whreck While Whistling VS Teamerino Tinkerino

Team members

Midweek Music: Miracle Of Sound

Today I came across this little song, You may be familiar with Miracle of Sound’s Mr Gavin Dunne by now through Youtube and even the post I did on him a few weeks ago. 89 more words


Heroes of the Storm Review - The Game We Need, Not The Game We Deserve

Before I dig into how much I like Heroes of the Storm, I’d like to first preface it by talking about my extensive history with the AOS genre (ARTS/MOBA if you prefer). 1,184 more words

The International and eSports

If you were hoping to go to The International for Dota 2, it’s too late. 475 more words

LGD, post Xiao8 and the road to TI5

Zhang “Xiao8” Ning broke the Chinese record for Esports record for transfer fees for the second time earlier this month when LGD re-bought his services from Newbee for… 309 more words


Team Redemption permanently banned from The Internationals

It seems that Valve has decided to take a decisive stand on the issue of match fixing, banning Team Redemption from participating in The Internationals. This is quite a big blow, considering that Redemption was slowly recovering from their losses, having been invited to several tournaments. 87 more words

The Dota International Tickets Go On Sale!

Hey everyone,

Here we are again, for another International competition. With the prize pool getting larger and larger every year, who wouldn’t want to experience the competition? 281 more words

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