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A Manila Major Experience

June 7-12 marked the first ever Valve-hosted Dota 2 event in the Philippines and was held in the Mall of Asia arena. For a Dota 2 fan, this was a dream come true. 876 more words


I just can't not say it

I wonder which carry they’ll pick?

If you ever wondered why Terrorblade became such a good pick, it’s because of the rise of aura stacking heroes, most notably Beastmaster. 251 more words


TIs: odd West even China?

A Western team wins the odd TIs and a Chinese team wins the evens. Or so the pattern goes. Of course this requires classifying a Ukrainian, Swedish and American team under a single banner of “The West” but if you can get over that then the pattern has held for all incarnations of TI. 351 more words

DOTA heroes

 (dwarven sniper)
Kardel for short. hehe Grabe, simple lang masasabi ko dito sa hero na to. Madaling gamitin. hehe Paano naman, point and shoot lang saka kailangan lang ng mana… 632 more words


The Dota 2 Manila Major: just what you should understand before the finals

Photo credit rating: PGL
The last weekend of Dota 2’s Manila Major impends for the staying teams in Shutoff’s $ 3m tournament. As MVP Phoenix, LGD Pc gaming and also Team Fluid fight to survive in the lower bracket, OG tackle Newbee for the initial Grand Finals place in the top…


2 in 1? 6.88 changes

I mean the other one was like a combination of one-offs sentences.

There were a lot of changes, most were minor however. And it’s not a huge surprise why. 719 more words


Manila Major Conclusion

I figured I should talk about it if I mentioned the mainstage start. Ehh. Kudos to both Liquid and OG, played very well. That said, my heart goes to MVP for their excellent comeback vs Liquid. 49 more words