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Hey you! Yeah you! The one reading this blog right now! I know you won’t believe this but I started playing video games when I was still in kindergarten meaning when I was just 4 YEARS OLD!! 1,306 more words

Angel Stone

The Storm Returns: VGJ.Storm announces new NA lineup.

The Chinese organization returns to North America with a revitalized VGJ.Storm roster.

The North American region witnessed a resurrection today, as the NA squad VGJ.Storm returned from the dead with a new roster to compete on the Pro Circuit. 753 more words


Birding with Miriam and Shlomo Saish, Jan 29th-Feb 8th; Part 2

Day 5: February 2nd. La Selva Biological Station

The rain persisted during the early morning hours, so we had breakfast and saw the birds on the gardens, once the rain stopped we finally got our first sunny skies! 385 more words

'Tis the Season to be Lovin'

I had a long and angry blog post typed up for this week’s WordPress Wednesday, but decided to trash that in favour of making some cutesy Valentines to celebrate this over-commercialised event instead :) #positivevibesonly… 137 more words

Wordpress Wednesday

Team Spirit announces departure of iLTW

The Russian midlaner is leaving the CIS organization just a few days after the roster lock.

The roster shuffles continue as the Pro Circuit gears up for a long stretch run through the rest of the season as the final roster lock period of the 2017-2018 campaign has come to an end. 397 more words


is GG parts ways with monkeys-forever

The North American offlaner leaves the recently reformed squad just days after the roster lock.

The roster lock period may have come to an end, but the roster shuffles haven’t concluded just yet. 417 more words


Singapore love stories: Winning at more than online gaming


Eugene and Ashley got to know each other through online game Defense of the Ancients.

By Niki Bruce, Contributor

Since 2013, private tutor Ashley Wong has, by night, retreated into the world of the Defense of the Ancients – or Dota 2. 561 more words

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