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Lina Inverse

Lina is a character or a hero in the online game Dota “Defense of the ancients”Lina the Slayer is a ranged Intelligence hero, adept at destroying enemy heroes quickly by delivering massive bursts of magical damage, making her one of the most effective gankers in the game. 379 more words


DotA Origins: The Rise of Gor-Ka'thul

There are legends in our world. Legends of gods and demons; of creatures that lurk in darkness; of things we do not invite into our house.

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DotA: Death Prophet Carries

‘Quick!’ snapped Krobelus. She motioned her claw-like hands to the donkey. ‘What are you taking so much time for? I’m carrying the tide of the war single-handedly and I need my bottle right now.’ 560 more words


The International 2016: the greatest event not just in Dota 2 but in all of e-sports


The greatest game in the world is Dota 2, and the greatest event in the Dota 2 calendar is The International. Sixteen teams meet at Seattle’s KeyArena to compete for a share of the tournament’s $20,770,460 prize pool. 1,095 more words


Umasenso sa DotA!

“Marami ako natutunan sa paglalaro ng Dota. Lahat ng leadership philosophy ko galing ‘yan sa paglalaro ko ng DotA.” -Ronald “Rhom” Robins

Last 2014, Mineski Cyber Café earned a total of P27.5 million of sales versus its operational expenses of P25.3 million yielding to a profit of P1.54 million.

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Valve showed new hero Dota 2, which will appear in the fall

fter the finals in 2016 The International company Valve has shown a new hero Dota 2. This is the Monkey King (Monkey King) the first new character for the series, which was not in the original modification of Defence of the Ancients for Warcraft 3. 34 more words