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Korean Dominance in Esports

Tournament after tournament, across popular games like Starcraft, League of Legends, and Street Fighter Korean teams continue to dominate at almost every level of competition. Whether they’re playing for tournament prizes or aiming to win playoffs and demonstrate steady records during regular seasons, South Korean esports players push the boundaries of skill in gaming. 784 more words


Gaming is pretty great right now

The “Gaming is in a great spot right now” trend continues, at least outside the MMO space (and in that too, if you happen to be flying a spaceship), so lets talk about a few of the items. 685 more words

MMO Design

Birding Savegre/Dota area

San Gerardo de Dota lays at the beautiful and picturesque Savegre valley. Home of the resplendent Quetzal and many other highland-Talamanca endemics.

It is easily accessible from the central Valley area and it makes it a perfect stop to those interested  on looping down the coast and adding Carara on their birding trip. 694 more words

Field Trips

[Dota] Force Staff - item nhiều tác dụng

Force staff tạo bởi 3 “mảnh ghép” : gậy thông minh 1kG, ring of health 350G, và recipe 600G (tổng cộng 2250G).


Giá trị về tiền bạc vào tầm bậc trung, nhưng giá trị sử dụng của nó được coi là rất nhiều, cả Carry và Support đều dùng được. 508 more words


The Qualifiers For Dota 2's Kiev Major Have Been A Mess So Far


Image credit: PGL/Valve

The qualifying system for Dota 2’s majors has its roots in an egalitarian impulse where—theoretically—a team of amateurs could win an open and then regional qualifier, and find themselves competing in a major against professionals. 716 more words


Origins of Dota - Defend of The Ancients

But what is it, exactly? Where has it come from and how has all this grown from just one mod? The jury’s still out on whether to call the genre MOBA, for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or DOTA, from Defense of the Ancients, one of its origins – and that may be more than a mere turn of phrase if Valve’s move to trademark the word “Dota” ends up going to the courts. 816 more words


The 20 million dollar gamers dream

Gone are the days where you can tell your children there is nothing on offer for playing those pointless video games and still have the facts to back it up. 586 more words