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The way of the monk on wow

I just got 700 in Archeology and [Savage Skills to Pay the Bills] in Wow! Archeology is one of my favorite professions in the game, but was the last one to get on max level, because it need more time to skill up… last 30 skill points were very tedious. 319 more words


Going West? Resolut1on leaves Empire for DC

Despite having stayed in Empire for so long, Resolut1ion has called it quits and left the CIS team for an American one, Digital Chaos (DC). 232 more words

You're A Guuurl?!

Current Life Schedule: Work – Dinner – DOTA 2 – Sleep – Repeat

I’ve been playing DOTA 2 for about a year and a half now, but I still haven’t even come close to mastering it. 583 more words


Dota 2: 2016 Shanghai Major

The new year brings new feats in competitive gaming. The newest, and current focus, as far as Dota 2, are the Majors. During the fall of 2015, the Majors were born, beginning their ever moving journey in Frankfurt, Germany, only to announce the next being planned for Shanghai, China. 217 more words


Defense Of The Ancient DOTA

Сайн байцгаана уу? Та бүхэндээ өнөөдөр Defense Of The Ancients буюу бидний мэдэхээр товчилсон нэрээр DOTA – ийн тухай мэдээ оруулж байна. ДОТА мэдэхгүй хүн гэсэн энэхүү мэдээг үзээд жоохон мэдлэгтэй болно гэж найдаж байна :) 53 more words


Never Been Easy

In this world, we are living to pursue our happiness. However, our happiness might not be the same as someone’s happiness. We can’t even tell if our happiness consume theirs and vice versa. 1,056 more words

Daniel Enemecio

E-Sports: Why is this so hard to make work?

I am a die hard sports fan. I am a die hard video game fan. So e-sports should be my holy grail of media combinations! Right!?!?! 748 more words