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Midas Mode Turns Dota 2 Tournament Into A Game Show


This weekend marks the start of Midas Mode, a unique kind of Dota 2 tournament that commodifies the game’s mechanics and makes professional Dota a Saturday morning game show. 350 more words


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People's Republic of Korea Wins Defense of the Elderly Championship, Supreme Leader MVP

by Warren Peace

According to Korean Central News Agency, The People’s Republic of Korea’s (North Korea) Nuclear Soliders has won the “Defense of the Elderly” 2017 International. 263 more words

Meet The M'sian Team That Plays Dota 2 As Their Full-Time Job


Every gamer has entertained the notion of going pro full-time, especially if they can do it with friends.

Well, this newly minted Malaysian team is living that dream. 802 more words


Three Grappling Legal Issues in Esports

Esports. More than 150 million viewers globally and a multimillion industry. It is expected to soon exceed US$1 billion in 2019. Richard Wee, Lesley Lim, Bryan Boo and Vincent Lim… 636 more words

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