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Dota 2 Basics: Last Hit

I refer to this video which I personally recommend to make you pro at last hitting. Trust me do this. It is worth it.

Credits to… 221 more words

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Dota 2 Pro Meta

Currently Dota 2 provides us with a huge pool of playable heroes ranging from tanks like Viper, Centaur Warrunner, Bristleback, Clockwork, etc… to early game dps heroes like Luna, Drow Ranger, Queen of Pain, to your late game power houses like Storm, Gyro, Dragon knight. 250 more words

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Mandate Radio: Ep. 86 (5/27/2015)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 86 (5/27/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome back to Mandate Radio! Today’s episode focuses on some fantastic games and hardly anything sad at all. 52 more words


Valve: Taking the bull by the horns

If you remember a more recent post about Valve announcing they would take charge of running their own Dota 2 Seasonal Competitions¬†(The official announcement can be found… 81 more words


My Dota 2 Life as of now

Recently Volvo released the 2015 compendium which comes with many goodies. The problem is you actually have to farm them in order to enjoy the full benefit. 472 more words

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Dota 2 Basics: Teleportation Scroll

Probably the most bought, most used and most imbalanced item in the game. For a 100 gold, this is like your ticket to win a MILLION dollars, never leave home without it. 146 more words

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New player guide

Hello, potential IMBA lovers! In this section, we’ll work hard to make you want to play IMBA, and to make it as easy as possible to you! 1,284 more words

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