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Keen Gaming announce late-season roster change

Just a few weeks after reversing a trade with EHOME, the Chinese organization announced further changes to its roster prior to the TI8 Qualifiers.

At this rate, it feels like we’re going to be seeing roster changes all the up to the start of the TI8 Qualifiers themselves, as yet another organization has announced changes to its lineup late in the season. 372 more words


Esports Funding Is Now Worth US$2 Billion Since 3 Months Ago

Platform-makers like EnjinCoin and Bountie want its services to complement both hardworking gamers and players who want to train themselves into esports. Naturally, these sites are doing their best in keeping tabs on the market, as well as contribute to it in some shape or form. 448 more words


SG e-sports announce departure of Bardo

The Brazilian squad announced the loss of its captain today as the team prepares for the final stretch of the Pro Circuit season.

The Pro Circuit season may be coming to an end soon, but it appears that the season of roster changes is still upon us in the Dota 2 world. 302 more words


Going in Disbands

The European squad announces its players will be parting ways months before the TI8 Qualifiers.

With the season beginning to wind down, it seems as though the flow of roster news would be slowing down as well, but the European region still had at least one more change in store. 282 more words


Eye Candy: Computer games, worldwide

These are the most-owned games on Steam, a digital distribution platform (wiki). This was fascinating to me for a bunch of different reasons. You can come up with your own, I’m sure. 33 more words


PSG Announces Partnership with LGD Gaming

Known for their cash-driven success in the severely weak Ligue 1 Conforama, Paris Saint-Germain dipped their toes into the next big scene they hope to make a huge splash in – esports – by announcing their partnership with Chinese esports gaming giants, LGD Gaming. 224 more words


Depressing Dota 2 Fails

One of the first PC games I played was Dota 2. And though some of you might deny this, transitioning from League of Legends to Dota 2 is hard. 367 more words

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