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Certain Age Gaming for August 17th 2015 "The International Cured My Ills"

It’s all about The International 5 this week! Well, not all, but Kody and Taryn sure have a lot to say about Valve’s annual tournament and James and Kody have a lot to say about the new Fallout Shelter Android release. 86 more words


New Router and Daily Giveaway HYPE!

Hey everyone!

Due to my unstable internet connection these past couple of weeks, I have not been online nearly as much as I would like. After you suffer nearly 20 low priority games, you stop wanting to play when you think your connection will just dump anyway. 443 more words

Aiushtha the Enchantress

I usually do not play Enchantress before, I do not like all heroes have clones. In fact, for me it is hard to micro-control one more unit while I am controlling my hero. 161 more words

Dota 2


Today I start to write about Dota 2 even I played it three years ago. Collecting all my knowledge about my favorite game is good. Moreover, it is also a way to improve writing skill. 57 more words

Dota 2

Considering what should I do for my next live stream...

I know nobody will ever read this, but I’m wondering what should I do for my next live stream. Feel free to chime in, But I’m deciding on four games. 103 more words

You spent how much?

Following on from my post about free games yesterday, I wanted to talk about the things I have bought related to Dota 2. Of course I have, in the past, criticised Valve’s own branded merchandise sold at The International for being far too expensive. 836 more words

Cloud Vs The World