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The International, Dota 2 Championships starting

Guys, guys! TI 5 starts in an hour!! Go check it out, Im so excited!

Who do you think will win? And who are your favourite players?

 – MarTyNi

My Favorite Dota Player — 2009

“2009” is the ID of a former professional Dota player. Sheng Wu is the original name of the player. Why he named himself 2009? Because in that year, Sheng Wu got to the age 22, which is the age for Chinese Male to get married. 248 more words

Dota 2

Lo que debes saber previo al International 2015.

Estamos a cuestión de días que dé comienzo uno de los torneos de E-sports que ha comenzado a tomar mucha popularidad entre los gamers, The International, en su quinta edición dará comienzo el próximo domingo 26 de Julio, generando grandes expectativas hasta el momento. 862 more words

Dota 2

002: Troll Warlord + Tusk

Our second game turned out better than our Sniper + Oracle fiasco. G was able to win a handful of hero kills while I discovered and learned my first stun hero, Tusk. 32 more words

Dota 2