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Wooden PC Struggles

Since I started my vacation after my college graduation, Dota 2 keeps me occupied most of the days. There are days where I’m satisfied with my games, and ofcourse some days are just unbearable especially when the reason for losing is due to slow internet connection and slow computing power of the PC. 262 more words

Dota 2

'DOTA 2': What is a BKB and Which Heroes Should Use it

Valve’s hit MOBA game DOTA 2 can be challenging to follow if you are not completely familiar with every term or concept. Most battles are over quite quickly, especially once the matches have progressed beyond the twenty-minute mark. 311 more words


Lanto plays Bloodseeker @ MMR - 18.08.2016

Ngày 23.08.2016 | Solo MMR : 3476 – Party MMR : 4138

Nhìn qua về thống kê các trận đấu ở Dotabuff của tôi có thể thấy dạo này tôi khá là xanh. 459 more words

DotA 2

Heroes of the Storm Fall tournament

The Heroes of the Storm Fall tournament is right around the corner

What you need to know:

Tournament Date and Location.
The twelve teams that qualify for the Fall World Championship, as described below, will compete in the Fall Championship on or about November 4 – 5… 126 more words

[Epic] Lanto plays Naga Siren @ MMR - 18.08.2016

Một game mà bên Dire có con Anti-Mage khá là khỏe, nhưng late game, đua farm với Naga là không đủ. Giá mà AM có 8 slot thì tốt quá. 64 more words

DotA 2

Dota 2 Viewing Party - The International 6

I had so much fun making Dota 2 snacks for The International 5 last year, so I had many months of anticipation building up for the TI6 finals (not least because of the amazing games in the preceding two weeks!). 531 more words