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On the subject of Dota... Part 3

Hello, readers!

So, my (most likely mis)adventures in Dota continued today, with my first game in this series of one of my favourite Heroes ,Bristleback, everyone’s favourite cockney echidna hedgehog-style creature. 850 more words


Supernova: First Impressions

Today I’ll be doing a first impressions review of a game that I just received from Razor. Razor insiders sent out some emails about this new moba game called Supernova which is still in alpha. 1,387 more words


Play Dota 2 on Intel HD 3000 or above on Linux

If you use Linux and wanted to play Dota 2 but have been discouraged by the limited graphics performance of integrated Intel HD graphics card… 394 more words

You Can't Man Fight a Spectre

Coming soon…

Spectre game play review mehbob and how 3 divine rappers couldn’t bring her down

Be ready as soon as soon as recording is made available… 9 more words


My Unpredictable Relationship with Silencer

Good afternoon everyone and how are you today? Allllrighty then, operation first blog post go!!

Silencer has always been a hero that has stood out to me, ever since I first started and looked into the hero pool I wanted to play him. 1,207 more words


How to Fix Dota 2 high ping in easy way

How to Fix Dota 2 high ping in easy way

This tutorial and how to lower ping you dota 2 games, if you do this tutorial you gameplayer lower ping and you can play smoothly and great!.   192 more words

Tips And Tutorial

DOTA 2 Prize Pool Beats Last years coming in at $15 Million

The International Championship for DOTA 2 has always pulled in some of the biggest crowds we have ever seen, while also showing us the largest prize pool in professional gaming in 2014. 174 more words