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Hindi mo alam

Hindi mo alam

Enero 22, 1987,
di malabong di mo alamĀ 
ang nangyari noon. Bihira ito
sa telebisyon, wala ito sa paaralan
maging sa aklat ng kasaysayan. 84 more words


A 13-million page haystack of declassified documents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) allegedly contains a report that former President Cory Aquino plotted in 1989 an airstrike from the United States to kill rebels of the government. 272 more words


August 21 Is My Christmas Day

August 21, 1983 was a sad day but the beginning of a new Philippines, a new mindset and a new way of life. Ninoy and Cory redefined the color yellow. 26 more words


You Are Wrong Mr.Spock

Cory was loved so the nation loved his son and as the Beatles said Love Is All You Need to elect a great president. You can see yourself, Noynoy did really well. No court cases.


The Best President We Ever Had

Rose out of the ashes of the untimely death of his saintly mother. This changed the fate of the nation for the better!!!!!

How has your life been affected by fate?

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