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Deep Blue Night by Choe In -Ho : A Book Review

“Los Angeles is a fictitious place; it does not exist in this world.”

-In-ho Choe, Deep Blue Night-

This line caught my imagination, reminding me  of Carlos Bulosan’s poem, “I Want the Wide American Earth,”  in which he expressed his  Marxist  desires that the world be  like American, that all  countries had no abject poverty, that all were socially and economically equal . 787 more words


Advocacy | Bayanihan Translate-a-thon with Google Philippines

Google Philippines encourages every Filipino including translators, language lovers, and culture enthusiasts to contribute to the Google Translate Community, let’s break language barriers and bring the… 228 more words


Continuity of Service Leads to Positive Change

the Hadji Maulana Primary School article by Drey Roque

Let me start with this, “We are a peace partner who had fallen in love with Basilan over and over again.” 654 more words


Moments of Bayanihan | Reflection of Service

This is a reflection of a soldier helping distribute relief goods given by different NGO’s during the time of Cagayan de Oro’s worst mischief.

Soldiers belonging to the Armed Forces of the Philippines had supplied the manpower to deliver these vital source of aid to the people of Northern Mindanao residing at tents and temporary shelters. 22 more words


Just Do It.

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On my way home from internship yesterday, my attention was caught by the person sitting in front of me in the jeepney. Holding his girlfriend’s hand, he looked like a typical Filipino teen with machismo swag and exuded a certain attitude that he can handle anything. 851 more words

Leaving Philippines: 10 Things I Am Going To Miss

Having lived in the Philippines for the last 14 years of my life, I’m certainly going to miss a few things — from the food, to the people, to the culture, to simple everyday things.  290 more words


#19: Life Lessons from Lumpia, Halo-halo and other Home-grown Filipino Food

One thing that makes us all equal in the face of the earth apart from having 24 hours each is the gift of our tastebuds. Imagine how life would be without this? 369 more words

365 Days Of Blessings And Beyond