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Our Today's Reality

Extrajudicial killings, usage of the drugs which was strictly prohibited in our country, massacres, poverty, corruption, crimes and the newest, the war. And when the news flash on the television, you’ll see the faces of the people who faced oppression and helplessly begging for help. 673 more words


FilCom meeting no. 1

#mitsamasg / 2017.01.21

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore organized the first Filipino Community meeting at The Bayanihan Center this year because of the on-going renovation works at the embassy’s home at Nassim Road. 472 more words


Bayanihan: A dying spirit

Among the most valuable traits of the Filipinos is Bayanihan. It is considered to be the core essence of the Filipino spirit. First and foremost, what is  809 more words


11/3/2016 – Photo booth for the fair

Today, my Bayanihan group and I had manned our photo booth during the Bonfire night fair. This photo booth took several weeks to plan, and had mostly been planned by my groupmate Jason. 180 more words


Bayanihan Fundraising (November 2016)

On the 3rd of November, my CAS group and I came together to sell popcorn and milkshakes during Bonfire Night.

In this project, I provided our cashbox and the change that was used. 83 more words


Bayanihan Fundraising (October 2016)

On October 21, another Bayanihan group and mine joined forces to sell packed food (Sushi-Me) during MUN Locals at BSM. We sold sushi and rice, each of us responsible for a different part of the selling process. 39 more words


Bayanihan Preliminary Visit (September 2016)

On September 17, three other members of my Bayanihan group and I traveled to the Jorge B.Vargas Elementary School to conduct a needs assessment. This included sitting down with the head teacher and discussing what areas of the school they most wanted us to address, which would ensure that what we’d eventually donate to them would be useful and practical. 82 more words