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GOA dairies

Happy Diwali and Season’s Greetings to all you lovely readers. Hope you all had a great holidays. For a long time I’ve been dreaming of flying off to somewhere and watch my own feet in an outdoor pool and swish my legs in the sand on the sea shore. 244 more words

Pag gising sa mga natutulog na bata

Dati noong bata tayo, kapag nabigyan lang ng sipit sa sampayan tumatahimik na. Maglalaro na sa isang tabi. Noong araw, kapag nabigyan ng dede matutulog na. 593 more words


Event: The Pink Fashion Show - November'15 Edition

I always find myself in a pleasant pickle trying to write the blog post which follows The Pink Fashion Show. Let me set things straight – the pickle doesn’t come from any negative place. 396 more words


Maxi Skirts: An essential piece of fashion to a woman's wardrobe.

Hi everyone, Some fashion trends never dies, they simply refuse to go out of style–and, for us, the maxi skirt is at the top of that list. 294 more words

Throwback to school

For the longest time I had the misconception of Bata being an Indian brand, perhaps because the Bata India has been around for more than 75 years. 305 more words

Outfit Post


I believe that simplicity is the ultimate mode of sophistication and keeping it simple is standard procedure with me but with this thigh high split maxi skirt dressing it down always proved to be a little daunting. 148 more words

African Fashion Blogger

Denim, Stripes and etc..

Happy Friday, to you all!! As you can see here, we never get tired of denim garments and stripes. :) ;)  And seriously whenever we go into a store, the first thing WE BOTH ALWAYS gravitate to is stripes! 221 more words