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Summer blues....

“Summertime,time, time,

Child, the living’s easy

Fish are jumping out

And the cotton,Lord,

Cotton’s high, Lord, so high”

                                   – Janis Joplin, Summertime

Oh indeed! Cotton! Nothing can be as comfortable as cotton for this season! 283 more words

Outfit Post

Good Design is Timeless

There are no absolutes in good architectural design. Personal taste differs from one individual to another. Some like simple austere forms, modernist and functional, and some like exuberant decoration, from the gothic to art nouveau. 315 more words

Of Sunlight and Ankles.

Hi guys,

How is your weekend going? Very good, I presume? So far, mine has been quite uneventful. Let’s hope it picks up (fake hope, I know I have nothing to do) … 100 more words



Hi, this is a platform I would use to inform/educate all MBA graduates from Tier 1/2 or for that matter any B school pass out – What NOT to do during your placement process!! 50 more words



A recent raid in my shoe closet led me to the conclusion that i was tired of neutrals and playing it safe with my everyday shoe wardrobe and it was time to add some color and spunk on my feet. 275 more words


Romance no ar

Olha só a bata que a BEBÉ acaba de receber? Corre pra ter a sua!