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Traditional Filipino Breakfast

This traditional Filipino breakfast consists of fried eggs with tomatoes, amplaya with stirred eggs and tomaoe cuts, and fried dried fish. They best enjoyed with fried rice and hot coffee.

Plate Delights

Diabetwatch answers summons of diabetes

Is someone you know diabetic? Is it in your genes? Are you diabetic or worried that you might be? Regardless of your answer, we are all prone to diabetes. 320 more words

The many shades of a gray area

“Hindi ko alam kung saan ako lulugar. :(”
“Bakit, wala kayong
seat plan?

It was written on one of the chairs at room 33K. Seeing this alongside immature sex jokes and dick drawings makes it easy to scoff and dismiss the stupid, shallow subject of not knowing how to position yourself (no pun intended). 804 more words


Sebastian's Ice Cream: Valentine's flavor

Matinong Boyfriend (sensible boyfriend), Matinong Girlfriend (sensible girlfriend), Closure, and Unfinished issues, no I am not talking about anyone’s love life but I am referring to the limited edition Valentine’s flavors of Sebestian’s Ice Cream. 272 more words


Have you ever tasted the cat that got your tongue?

And so hatches the idea of sending out anonymous bitter-gourd for cash, cash, cash!
Send as many as you like to people you’re bitter about — ’tis a highly confidential matter… 100 more words